Of Spending the Day With a Friend… #augustbreak

…and watching “The Wiz” for the first time.

AnneShirley and I spent the day with one of my most favorite people on the planet – my friend Gwen.

She and her husband just bought a new house, so it is an exciting time. We always have a great time together. AnneShirley sticks to her side like glue when we visit her.

We went out for lunch, then to Jo-Ann Fabric, Target, swung by Starbucks for some Frappuccinos and then back to her place where we settled into her cozy couch and watched, “The Wiz”.

I had never seen it before and I LOVED it. Don’t ask my why I have not seen it until now. I have no clue. AnneShirley loved it too.

I needed today.

It was relaxing and fun – as always. Gwen has such a calming, comforting presence and I am so very grateful for her friendship.

A Day with a Gwen and Watching “The Wiz” For the First Time

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