My Sacred Place

“When Summer lies upon the world and in a noon of gold,
beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold.”

~JRR Tolkien


I stand amongst the ancients, the seers of all, keepers of the forest

and I am in the presence of friends.

I go to them and am calmed.

I stand with them and am bolstered by their quiet strength.

I whisper to them and am filled with love.

I leave them and a part of me is left behind.

Inspired by the #365Altars Project from@whollyjeanne.

0 thoughts on “My Sacred Place

  1. this rich, lovely post has altar streaming through it, flitting between the words, dancing on the punctuation marks, climbing the trees. absolutely lovely. i’m so glad you’re here, sugar.

    • I took that in Chicago. It turned out so nice! It’s so serene and beautiful under that canopy. Thanks, Noel!

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