*This is a really rough draft that needs work but I needed to get it down on paper. It is a dream (nightmare) I had Friday night.

Inflamed and feverish with insanity

they bore into and through me

crusty yellow around the edges

his eyes gleam of hellish delights and torment

i am his next prey.

he drives away and is back again

passing by in his slick black suburban

his face – the colors of bloodshot and bruise

stained with fury and contempt –

is seared in my mind – a thing of nightmares

i look away but cannot escape

i am a prisoner in more ways than one

surrounded by white upon white for miles and miles

and yet a small paper plate catches my eye

i wonder why the ice is dotted with them

bending down to pick it up

i see why and wish i hadn’t

‘neath frozen sheets of glass

a bulbous nose squashed up against the ice

eyes wide open – black holes where a soul used to be –

never blinking always watching seeing all

i replace the plate

and shiver.

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  1. I can’t imagine how frightening this must have been. So vivid…so detailed. As we had discussed, some of this has to be coming from grief over the loss of Tom.

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