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So we are nearing the end of April. Didn’t April just start yesterday? It’s true that time seems to fly by the older you get.

This last weekend my husband and I went down to Chicago to see our friends (my twin) again. It was a terrific weekend weather-wise. Not hot or too warm but rather slightly nippy – perfect for walking around Chicago.

We ate awesome food, drank terrific wine and beer and visited with truly wonderful people.

Friday night, when we got down to Chicago, our friends took us to this neat little place called  Owen & Engine, I had the most amazing hot dog and a Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (most lovely).

Saturday, we got up and headed over to Wrigley Field – Cubs were playing the Reds so the air was filled with the delicious aroma of dogs, beer, and fried things. 🙂 Then we hopped on the El and made our way downtown. Of course we had to stop at the newest Apple store at Lincoln Park and take a peek! Back on the El and next stop – the Levenger store downtown where I bought another Kaweco pen – this time a ballpoint. 🙂

We then headed on over to the Cloud Gate (The Bean) at Millennium Park – especially for Sara over at Domestic Type who DEMANDED (LOL) we go see it and take some pictures. Then we hiked over to Buckingham Fountain which wasn’t running yet *insert sad face. I hummed the song, “Love and Marriage” of course as we neared it. Yes I am a dork.

As the day wore on, we grew hungry (all that walking!) So we headed back towards our friends house but stopped off at Wrigley Field once again to eat at this awesome little Mexican restaurant – El Burrito Mexicano where I had the most delicious burrito.  So good. Their nachos are to die for. Sinfully good.

Next – we drove over to our friend Steve’s wine shop – Vino 100  to check out his amazing assortment of wines. I do believe I had my very first sip of bourbon! I think it is one of those things that has to grow on you to appreciate it – the bourbon – not the store. I love the store!

That night, we ate at Cafe Orchid (Turkish Cuisine). It was my first time eating Turkish food and I loved it. Although I filled up rather quickly. SO not used to eating this much food! Can you say detox when I get home? Sometimes I really wish I had a hollow leg.

For the second week in a row, I got to see the uber-dazzling Noel from French Christmas.  The weekend before she drove up north to our house to visit for the day. And I got to cook for her!

Noel and me. No, she isn't saluting. The sun was shining directly into our eyes. 🙂

On Sunday, we met for coffee over at Delicious (same place we met last Fall). I think it is becoming our “place”. The food is great and the people who work there are just the sweetest. We always grab the tables out in the back on the patio outside. And as usual, time always whizzes by far too quickly.

The afternoon was spent back at our friend’s house taking pictures for the website I am building him for his business. Then, it was time to head home.

I love our weekends in Chicago. It is always super relaxing when we go down to visit.

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  1. Visiting your twin?! How funny! I just returned from a trip visiting my “twin” (aka best friend on the planet) in Israel.

    I’ve not yet been to Chicago, but your photos are making me want to go! So glad you had such a good time.

    • Yes, he is one of my closest friends – more like a brother to me than anything. We joke we are twins even though I am six years older! Thanks, Meghan! You MUST visit Chicago – so much to see and do. Truly!

  2. sounds wonderful, tracy! i don’t know if it’s just my crazy computer but the picture of you and Noel isn’t showing up.

    i love how a weekend trip, an evening out, or anything that isn’t on the normal weekly agenda can bring us so much joy! i’m glad you’re happy, tracy.

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