Glitter Power for Sara

I don’t normally wear nail polish.

Oh once in a while, I’ll put some one – but not every day.

It’s not that I don’t like the stuff but I’m a nail(cuticle) chewer and my fingers are normally a mess so I don’t like calling attention to them with a flash of color.

Today, however, my friend Sara over at Domestic Type has my four-year old and me wearing teal (glittered) and pink (glittered) nail polish in honor of her cancer surgery today.

I was still asleep as she was driven to the hospital for the procedure. I have no clue if it has started yet or not. All I can do today is pray that all is going well and that they are able to “get it all”. All I can do is send the most healing of thoughts and vibes her way and wrap Sara and her family in a warm, loving, virtual hug.

Our friends Matt over at and Brandee over at brandeewine each posted in honor of Sara. Matt drew an amazing doodle and good luck message of a teal ribbon which symbolizes “Ovarian Cancer Awareness” and Brandee wrote about becoming a friend of Sara’s and how incredible it is to find yourself caring so immensely – so powerfully for someone you’ve (we’ve) never YET met in person.

Sara is incredible.

Her friendship is a blessing.

Sara is a blessing to each of us who are lucky to know her.  And if you know her, you know she has the fight and the strength of a thousand or more warriors.  She has the cojones to look adversity in the face and smother it in glitter.

So I raise my arms, my glitter bombed fingers high into the air – fists pumping – proudly proclaiming GLITTER POWER for my friend Sara and her family. Love to you all!


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