I Want to Love…

I want to love with abandon
without care, without lines
no boundaries, no limitations
no judgments, no time

I want to love
simply love
love big
love small
love near
love far
love you
love all

I have enough love
to give
you and you and you
that’s why i was put on earth
that is all i want to do

my heart breaks for those who lack it
i want to wrap you in my arms
I want to hug your cares away
to keep you safe from harm

I feel your pain and sorrow
but there’s only so much i can do
the best thing I can give
is all my love to you.

0 thoughts on “I Want to Love…

  1. i’m not sure if my last comment posted, so i’ll try again (and apologize if this is a a 2nd comment).

    your love and presence is enough, tracy. that loving heart of yours is felt even by us who only know you through the web. you’re a wonder.

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