#Scintilla Day Eleven: The Day We Let Him Go: An Intervention

She was broken or very close to it.
They call it the tipping point.
And she was there.
That evening I could see it clearly and it terrified me.
I barely recognized her.
Always the rock of the family. Always unwavering in her emotional strength.
Until now.
It had been hacked away deliberately by a man who clawed and ripped at her spirit.
Shredding it the best he could.
It was one sacrifice I was not willing to accept or allow.
To see her – this woman – this rock in my life be reduced to sand-
My father be damned.
She stood on the stoop, keys in hand ready to unlock the front door.
I, a few steps behind, trying to remember the last time I heard her laugh or saw her 

I couldn’t recall.
She was trying to hold it together, save what could not be saved.
But at what cost?
I accepted at that very moment that he was not worth it.

I wanted my strong, funny, wonderful, happy rock of a mother back.
My father be damned.
I blurted out the words that had to be said
“Let him go. Please, just let him go.”
She turned to look at me, keys left dangling in the lock.
And there I saw it.
In her eyes.
A flicker. Clarity. Resolve. Agreement. Relief.
“Let him go.” I repeated
She nodded.
Unlocking the front door.
We stepped into our house and we let him go.

0 thoughts on “#Scintilla Day Eleven: The Day We Let Him Go: An Intervention

  1. I hope, if ever there was a need, that Jane would look out for me like you looked out for your mother. I know your father has caused you great pain – but letting him go was clearly what gave you and your mom life again.

    • It was a long process. My mom is not weak by any means. But I think – especially given the generation she is from (born in the 30’s) and her background – divorce is such a hard pill to swallow. She was trying to protect us – her kids. I think we finally had enough of his shit and her hearing me verbally say – it’s okay. I understand and get it finally – helped. I idolized that man for so many years because of how intelligent he was and all the things he could do. A little girl loving her father. He wasn’t always all bad. But the older I got we clashed and then he had his affair and he just left us there. It was time. Thanks, Amanda.

  2. Knowing a bit about your world, I celebrate you and your mother. It’s never easy to step out of a situation like that and move forward. What a blessing you are to your mother, and I know what a gift she is to you.

    This was so well written, my friend!

  3. How very brave and sincere to share this moment in time with so much clarity and eloquence.
    As I read your post, I could almost see and feel the heaviness and relief.
    Thank you for sharing, your strength can accomplish anything.

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