#Scintilla Day Ten: Peeves of the Pet. No Wait, I Meant Pet Peeves! My Bad!

Hee hee! Oh boy, how much time have you?

I’ve got pet peeves a plenty. Are you certain you want to know?

Where to begin, where to begin? *taps fingers on top of desk and peers up at the curtains for answers that aren’t there but what the heck, it was worth a try.

Lists are always a good place to start so here we go! Strap in!

1. Rude people. That goes for people lacking manners and common decency. Seriously people! Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated! It’s not that hard! And for God’s sake, SMILE! I promise, your face will NOT crack (unless you’ve been injecting botulism into your face regularly and if you have, well, it AIN’T helping)

2. People who SIT in the freaking LEFT LANE and do not move over. Here is a tip. The LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING. MOVE over to the RIGHT lane when you are finished passing someone for Pete’s sake!!!

3. People who do not know how to MERGE into traffic from the off-ramp. OH MY GOD! PEOPLE! DO NOT CREEP IN (unless traffic is at a standstill). If traffic is moving, build up your speed and get the heck onto the highway! You do NOT come to a freaking complete STOP! *pounds head into desk

4. People who are unaware of those around them and take their damn old time while standing right in the middle of an entry way chatting with someone else and forcing people to squeeze around them. MOVE to the side people! Jeez!

5. Ignorance and intolerance. I always put these two together for some reason because, well, they just fit. I hate, nay, I despise people who are stupid. I’m talking about those who refuse to educate themselves-who just live in oblivion. They do nothing to further their minds. It’s not that they are dumb intellectually. They are just lazy. And usually, I find intolerance comes from those who do not educate themselves. There are exceptions as with anything. Intolerance is a two way street. I have no patience for it. Listen to one another, dammit! Learn! Shut your pie hole for once and just listen and then it will be your chance to speak but THINK before you open your mouth.

6. Space invaders. No, not aliens and no, not the game (although it is heck of a lot of fun!). I’m talking about people who don’t respect your space. That space is reserved for special people, okay? I’m also talking about those who come into your home try to “take over” the place. They have this personality that tries to dominate everything. It is exactly what my father tries to do. I hate it. I dropped a couple “friends” because of this sort of behavior. My life is too short to deal with toxic people who try to act all superior and domineering. I detest people who do that. It’s my home. My kid. My life. Deal with your own crap and leave mine the hell alone.

7. People who underestimate my intelligence or knowledge. I cannot tell you how much I HATE THIS! Okay, I’m not your average Joe. I read. I read a lot. I don’t like NOT knowing things. So I have a tendency to educate myself on everything I can about certain subjects that interest me. I hate it when people finish my sentences. I hate it when people try to “break down” what it is I’m saying or assume what I mean. Don’t poke me, do not go there. You won’t like me when I’m poked. πŸ˜›

8. Number six sort of goes with this one. I do not like people who try to psycho-analyze me. My dad did this all the time. It makes me want to rip someone’s hair out by the roots and feed it to them. God forbid I should stand with my arms crossed because oh my goodness, that means I’m being defensive. Don’t get me started. UGH.

9. Here’s another one – people who penny-pinch their tips. I’m not talking about those who are strapped for cash and can’t just unload the kitchen sink on a tip. I’m talking about people who make decent money who can AFFORD to tip but who try to mathematically figure out their tip to the half-freaking-cent. GIVE ME A BREAK! If your server did a good job, tip them! Tip them well! If they didn’t do a good job, well then that is up to you how much to give them but please, for those who do serve you well – they work hard. They are on their feet and they have to deal with people all day long. And don’t forget, they serve you your food – the stuff you put into your mouth and eat. Be kind to your servers, please.

10. Hmmm…I really could go on and on but I don’t want to come across as the Grinch. I sum this all up by saying that I don’t like pettiness. I don’t like people who live in a bubble and forget about the world around them. I don’t like bullies. I don’t like people who try to boss me around. I can think for myself, thank you very much. And if you have a question or don’t understand my point, then freaking ask me. DO NOT ASSUME! Okay???

*WHEWIE! That was cathartic!

To end on a happy note after all that bitching, I’ll say this. Life is good. Life is happy. Muskrat farts taste like sugar cubes and come in the form of bubbles that pop in your mouth! I am the Queen of the Squirrels and don’t you ever forget it! I like the smell of skunks and moth balls and other odd scents. I am a complete and utter dork and I love it.
Now go forth and never commit the aforementioned pet peeves or I shall hunt you down and spray you with skunk oil. πŸ˜›

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  1. I have a rule about tipping. Actually, I generally round up to the nearest dollar and add 5 bucks, but my rule is 10% is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. If I can’t afford to leave a 10% tip, I can’t afford to eat out.

    That’s just my rule, some people I know and have dinner with every Tuesday call it stingy.

    Most other things I can hypocritically agree on. I say hypocritically because I think I have a tendency to do some of those things. Except drive in the left lane. That bugs the hell out of me. I also am aware that as a person that sets the cruise control for the speed limit and goes, I have no place in the same lane as the illegal drivers.

    Bad driving makes me go insane.

    • I agree on the tipping minimum. I wouldn’t call you stingy at all. Although, if the server is CRAPPY and I do mean crappy, I leave very little. I don’t care. We usually tip at least 20 percent but that is because we can. But I agree – 10 percent is the minimum for sure. I use my cruise too. Too many do not. I usually keep up with traffic – especially in metro areas. But I mainly stick to about four miles above the speed limit which is what passes for normal usually.

      • My parents were the most embarassing tippers on EARTH. They would GLEEFULLY leave shit like 7 quarters for a waiter or waitress and I’d always futz around while they went out to the car and leave 5 more bucks (I got a pretty generous allowance as a kid/teen). TO THIS DAY, since Nolan was a waiter and I was a bartender, we tip 15% minimum. If the service was REALLY bad, we’ll grit our teeth and set out 10%.

        Bad manners are my thing. Oh I could go on all day. I think I’m probably going to be the next Miss Manners because I drill it tirelessly. I grind my teeth over bad manners. If I’ve figured out or someone points out that I used bad manners, I’m so appalled at myself, I nearly slit my wrists.

        Bad driving- well I usually let Nolan drive and yes I am a feminist but Nolan loves driving so I let him so I can knit or read for a while without interruption and yes it does drive me nuts.

        When people belittle my intelligence, I play coy. It’s very fun. Why? I wait until they say something VERY STUPID and pounce. Usually, they’re left baffled because they’d originally thought me very insipid and they don’t know what the fuck just happened to them. It’s a tactic I enjoy. Deeply. MWAH! Muskrats!

        • Yeah if service is incredibly bad – even 10 percent is too much in my book. We typically tip 20 percent. But bad service – boy – I am hard pressed to give them much of anything.
          Although those instances are few and far between thankfully. We don’t go back to those sort of places.

  2. Hey, I agree pretty much with everything here. One thing I’ll add about left lane driving…I do stay in the left lane in certain sections when I know a busy on-ramp is coming up. And I am going at LEAST the speed limit, or like you, about 4-5 over, which is fast enough, so don’t get on my a$$ to move over because you want to go 75! I’m not moving over when I know that there will be a crapload of cars merging on the right and I’m not going to deal with all the braking and stupidy that happens then.

    Oh, and another thing–slow down during snow storms! 4 wheel drive DOES NOT make you God! (Doesn’t let you climb snowbanks as high as your truck, either, remember, Queen? LOL)

    • Ha! Stacey, I do the same in regards to left lane when there is a busy on-ramp/off-ramp. That’s courtesy though. I am talking about those who just SIT in the left lane forever and don’t ever move over. You know what I mean. OOOh, I forgot to add that one about tailgaters. I HATE people who ride my ass. I pump my brakes when they do that.

      You are a brat for reminding me about the snowbank. LOL The good old days. And MY 4-wheel drive DID make me God. Sort of. LOL!!!!!!

      • I will never forget that–especially since we were SO Cool in our half-pants and then had to tromp through the snow.

        I don’t pump my brakes for tailgaters, but I do ease off the gas petal. And when I do have a chance to move over, I do it VERY slowly.

  3. I’m always reminded of the opening scene in “Reservoir Dogs” when a discussion of tipping comes up. Wait staff work hard and depend upon our tips to make a living wage. No one deserves to be stiffed – I agree with the comment above, 10% is the minimum.

    Next, have you ever driven in Jersey. You should try it sometimes. When someone pisses you off, you can honk AND flip them the finger AND everyone takes it in stride. Sometimes I love my adopted home state!

    • True. True. But if the server sucks, no 10% for them. Maybe five – if that.
      I’m talking about if they are rude and just plain horrible.

      LOL. I have driven in Jersey, New York, DC… It’s quite fun. HA!

  4. Its funny but I was writing my list of hate yesterday and I realized that the first four were all traffic related. It made me laugh because you have a few of them here. Great list Tracy.

    • Ha! I forgot to mention that I HATE tailgaters – bumper riders. I usually pump my breaks or slow waaaay down. It is so infuriating to me. LOL! Making you laugh is a good thing and that makes me smile. πŸ˜€

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