#Scintilla Day Nine: Rock My Body


My body is awesome. No, not in the conventional Victoria’s Secret model sense. Ha! I have never cared to look like that either. I’m talking about something that is even better.

Zombie apocalypse be damned.

My body was built for survival. I’ve always known that. I’m built like a workhorse. (It’s from that hearty Swedish, German stock) Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!

My doctor agrees.

He said I would outlast anyone around me in a survival situation because of my strength and because my body was designed to hold on to its nutrients/calories and store them. Now that I think of it, that means I’d probably be extra tasty to a Zombie – all that meat on my bones. Not so good. *shrugs. Ah well, they have to catch me first. 😛

It’s not an excuse for the extra weight I do carry but a possible reason why losing weight is an excruciatingly difficult thing for me to do. It takes forever for me to drop even a couple pounds. I discovered that back when I hit thirty. Before then, I could cut ten pounds or more like nothing.

I get frustrated but then, it’s always been like this.

I’m not thin. I never have been. It’s something that has always vexed me.

But the older I get, the more I see how wonderful my body truly is.

My body is indeed that of a workhorse. I am strong. I am powerful. There are many things I can do.

Right now, yes, I’m a little overweight and am trying to cut a few pounds. I will.

But am I out of shape?

No. Heck no! I am not!

I could get up right now, this instant and walk eight, ten or more miles if I wanted or needed to. (just let me change out of my slippers and put on my hikers or tennis shoes) 😀

I workout with kettlebells – 18lb, 26lb, 35lb, 40lb right now and I’m planning on going higher. It’s the only exercise other than an all out dead run that gets my heart rate into the range it needs to be for a decent workout.

I can run. I’m not fast and never have been but I wasn’t built for speed. Point is, I can run. But I prefer kettlebells. 🙂

There isn’t anything I cannot do. I know this.

I eat healthy. I am learning more and more each day about my body and how it responds to foods, timing of meals and I love it.

If only we would listen, really LISTEN to our bodies. It is talking to us, telling us what it doesn’t like or need and begging us to listen to what it DOES like and need. Once I started doing that, I started feeling so much better.

There’s been stress in my life lately, yes and that does take its toll. Last week I thought something was wrong with my heart (rate) until I looked back over the things I ate that previous day and evening and I realized there was a more salt in the food than I am accustomed to. Once I got back to my normal clean foods, I haven’t had an issue. I’m good. 🙂

I’m not perfect. I’m not beautiful by the standards of the world, but I’m me. I have people who love me. I am loved. And I love.

All the money in the world – doesn’t matter.
Attaining that ridiculous number on the scale – doesn’t matter.
Flawless beauty – big whoopideedoodah. It doesn’t matter.

None of that means a thing if you don’t have love, laughter, happiness and your health.

I have all that. (the love, laughter, happiness and health)

I am blessed.

And yes, my body is awesome.

0 thoughts on “#Scintilla Day Nine: Rock My Body

  1. You are awesome, and you are beautiful.

    I love to run, and hope I never have to give it up. That’s remains to be decided by my knees.

    I love your attitude about all of this, it is just right.

    And now you have me intrigued by the whole kettlebell thing! (My upper body strength is nonexistent)

  2. Kelly, I have previous blog posts about kettlebells if you are interested. I follow the RKC method. Dragondoor.com is a great site for info. Thanks for the comments! I need to get back to running but I do enjoy it although I’m not an avid runner, I can run. 🙂

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! And you are beautiful, too. You glow! There is a special awe-inspiring power in a built-to-last body, especially one that’s borne a child. You own that power marvelously.

  4. Amen x1000! We ALL need to think this way, Tracy; you have an amazing outlook and a wonderful appreciation of your body. You KICK ASS! (I once tried a kettlebell workout and spent the next two days lying very still in bed and occasionally groaning…it hurt to do that too.)

    • Sorry for laughing at your soreness. It does do that at first. I remember my first real workout with them. I thought I had died. It felt like (if you have ever seen Nightmare on Elm Street movies) the one where the person’s tendons were ripped out and they were paraded around like a marionette. That’s how I felt totally. Thanks, Onyi!

  5. It’s definitely much harder to lose weight once you get past 30, especially 35 (at least for me). As you know I am currently dieting, and I KNEW that I had to kick the carbs to lose any weight at all at this point – but what a hard decision to make! Great attitude.

    • It is! It is! I just lost four pounds in last week since I got back to regular kettlebells and back to my clean eating. Mindful consistency is my motto. Thanks, Amanda. 🙂 You are rocking it too.

  6. You are awesome. Hell with extra weight and all that. What is truly important is being ready for the zombie apocalypse. 😉

  7. I’ll have to get my wife to read this post; she is Swedish, and the strongest woman I’ve ever met, but she’s uncomfortable with that hearty body type. She works with weights, maybe she would like kettlebells. If zombies do ever roam the land, I would be glad to have you Swedish girls with me, to kick some zombie zass.

    • Remind her that we’ll outlast everyone. LOL! That’s terrific! Kettlebells clicked for me. I love weights but when I moved to kettlebells and I’m talking RKC style (dragondoor.com). I felt like I’d found what I’d been missing all these years.

  8. Love this! My friend teaches kettlebell classes and everyone raves about it. Nothing beats feeling strong and empowered! Your attitude is inspiring.

  9. I’ve decided that zombies are afraid of glitter so I’ve got a natural defense system in place. But moving on from glitter, I’ve always been small boned for a woman of 5’6″ though decidedly strong. And it’s sad that events as of late have sapped my muscles because I rather liked them. Point I’m making here though is this. I’ve never really cared for a fashion models figure- too boy/girl/anorexia weird. I think curves, muscles, strength, and endurance are what’s important in a woman’s body. These are the things that allow us to survive to be attractive, to bring life into this world and the fact that we denounce them dismays me utterly. We were built to be powerful but we deliberately whittle at this. For what result? So I never say “I’m having a fat day” to Eva. Ever. I say, “I eat well to be strong.” “I run to have muscles to play with you and Owen longer.” I’m trying to cultivate an idea in her head not of self hatred but that her body can do amazing things if she lets it. And yes, you do rock.

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