#Scintilla Day Three: Muskrat Love

** Please listen to the music while reading my post – if you can. šŸ™‚

Did you know muskrat farts are bubbles that taste like sugar cubes?

When I was about three or four years old, I remember sitting in the backseat of our old Ford Torino as Mom drove my dad to work. On the floor in cardboard box there was a box of sugar cubes and other coffee paraphernalia that my mom kept in the car for her credit union meetings.

I would reach down and grab a sugar cube or two and pop them in my mouth unbeknownst to my parents who were busy talking. This was before the carseat requirement so I was just sitting on the back seat enjoying the sun on my face, eating sugar cubes.

The radio was on and “Muskrat Love” by Captain and Tennille was playing. Oh how I loved that song! I closed my eyes, leaned back against the seat, sugar cube dissolving in my mouth and listened to the music.

In my little imagination, I saw two muskrats, a boy and a girl running through a daisy-dotted field each carrying butterfly nets and holding hands. Only they weren’t there to catch butterflies. They were on their way to a picnic for the two of them.

While they are spreading the tablecloth out on the ground, the air is suddenly filled with bubbles – hundreds of bubbles – all different sizes. And they are coming from the muskrats who cannot stop farting! (you can hear that in the music if you listen) The two little muskrats giggle, cover their mouths with their hands, nod at each other and then grab their butterfly nets.

They start running around trying to catch all the bubbles in their nets. When they catch enough bubbles, they collapse down on their tablecloth – feet in the air kicking, farting bubbles and laughing happily as they pop the sugary tasting bubbles into their mouths and smile.


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  1. OH MY GOD TRACY. Such an adorable imaginative little girl you were! And how neat to think that your daughter is around this age and that her imagination is that limitless right now.

    Also: Oh the seventies. Those special effects were something else! I think Tennille was one of the first reasons I really, really wanted straight hair and hated my own back in those years.

    In an unrelated aside, I have screen-capped a chunk of your gorgeous damask background, just because I know you are probably itchin’ to change it šŸ™‚

    • AnneShirley comes up with some real doozies – which I love! Yes, the seventies were a fun time for a child. I miss it.

      If you like, I can track it down and send it to you! Only remember – it is black and white. I fooled around and made it this color…

  2. I love this! When I hear this song in the future (and I will), I’ll immediately think of this fanciful tale šŸ™‚

  3. I so loved the Captain and Tennille. I had a portable 8-track tape player that I would carry around with me everywhere. I had three 8-track tapes – the Captain & Tennille, the Doobie Brothers, and Three Dog Night. I bought the whole shebang at a white elephant sale at the church down the street from my house, and, taken en totem, the motley collection was my greatest treasure for about 3 months.

    But still.

    This song?

    Flummoxed me. LOL

  4. What a beautiful memory, I feel like I keep saying that to you!! So glad you decided to join us, you should never doubt yourself my friend, there are always treasures to be found here.

    • Thank you, Jason. I’m hoping you find a little delight in my silliness. And if I made you and the others smile, laugh or giggle – that makes me the happiest person in the world. šŸ˜€

  5. Somehow I totally missed out on the Captain, Tennille, & this precious gem of a song. I was already cracking up watching the video (oh, the innocence back then!), but the bubble farts nearly made me wet myself. Such an imaginative little girl! Thanks for sharing your humor.

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