The Scintilla Project

The word Scintilla is defined as a tiny trace or spark. What better word is there really, to describe that most wondrous place where ideas ignite but through a spark?

My friends Onyi (uncletypewriter), Dominique (lolasangria) and Kim (Kimperative) lovingly created and developed The Scintilla Project so that we could come together and share our stories for two whole weeks of prompt-a-licious fun. (Yes, I like to bend words to my will, as you can see.)

On March 14th, (that’s tomorrow) The Scintilla Project bursts wide open and for  two most awesome  weeks, we’ll be given a brand new, spanking, shiny, beautiful array of prompts to reflect upon and write about.

I hope you’ll sign up, if you haven’t already, and join us! You know you want to, so what are you waiting for?

Thanks to Onyi, Dominique and Kim for coming up with this fantastic idea and putting it into motion!

0 thoughts on “The Scintilla Project

  1. Oh my GOODNESS.
    Leave this design for at least a week, because I’m telling you now I am really looking forward to coming back and seeing it again. You’ve outdone yourself… so elegant! The banner composition with the sun and petals is perfect.
    Now, about the subject matter? 🙂 Your enthusiasm is contagious and it really makes such a huge difference for me, and I’m sure for Dominique and Onyi too. You know we’re only hours away now, right? *hug*

    • Ok, I’ll leave it for a bit. Just for you! I took that picture of the daisy a couple summers ago at the farm. I love this particular shot. Thank you, as always for the support and the compliments. I’m so hyped for Scintilla. So hyped.

  2. Also, I came back to say that the soft, mottled tea-colored brown of the damask background is SO perfect. We’ve been talking ink a lot lately and this is just the kind of ink I would love to use on barely-ivory paper. The browns I have now are a little too orange and red and warm, but this is closer. (this is the end of my off-topic-ness.)

    • It’s from a sheet of paper my “twin” Brandon gave me that was actually black and white and then I tooled around with it. I love it with the gold or rather mottled tea-colored brown, as you wrote. “mottled” what a nice word…I need to use it more…that and “winnow” which you used on your blog. Don’t get me started on this stuff or I won’t stop! You can always talk colors/ink/paper, etc… Always.

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