Spring Slowly Cometh…

I could smell it. It was on the tips of the air’s fingers yesterday as we bounced around town picking up this and that. There was a warm and gentle breeze tickling our skin and it felt as if we were finally out from beneath the icy grasp of Winter.

There are but a few sparse patches of snow here and there and today the sun has control over a blue cloud-dotted sky.  It hit 61 degrees yesterday. Today, it is around mid-40. Still, I long to drag my lawn chair out onto the deck and revel in the fresh air. For now, I’ll just crank the windows wide open and let the wind fill our house with life.

Spring slowly cometh, aye. Slowly but surely it makes its way here.  And that makes me smile.

0 thoughts on “Spring Slowly Cometh…

  1. The slowly is the part that drives me mad. But I have survived the slowly all these other years, and I’ll do it again.

    I am glad you guys had such a great day out and could breathe it in.

  2. Me too!!!! 65 here in Chicago today and up to 75 by Wednesday! Although part of me is sad that we didn’t get our usual taste of winter, I will take and relish every moment of this early spring! 🙂

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