The Power of a Handwritten Letter

From Across the Miles

It’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote someone a letter on a regular basis. I used to when we lived in Maryland and Montana-especially when I was cooking up in the mountains and going to college.

But the last few years, since moving back to Wisconsin and being closer to my family, I stopped writing and relied on email and Facebook/twitter to correspond.

That was until this month.  I’ve been participating in “A Month of Letters”.  I had forgotten how wonderful it was to receive a handwritten note and how good writing someone else made me feel.

I ordered my first fountain pen and have been going a little crazy searching for fun/unique stationary and notecards. I’ve been writing three notes a day at times. I blame it on the fountain pen. 😛

Even as February draws to a close, I intend to keep writing and sending out letters. I’m really enjoying it and am so grateful for this little nudge to reconnect with friends, old and new and family once again.


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  1. I believe there is magic in the act of writing by hand. There is definitely some psychology to back up the idea that it is special and important.

    Words are powerful tools, and just as each persons voice is unique and gives their words more meaning, so to does handwriting.

    At least, to me, it feels that way.

  2. I’ve been enjoying writing letters, as well. It’s such a great feeling putting mail into a mailbox. Hand-written letters are so very different than emails.

    Happy writing, Tracy.

  3. First, let me just say that I was giddy to see your Scintilla badge and you reminded me to put one in my own sidebar.

    Second, this post thrills me. From the mail to the pen to the intimate conversation with the recipient. And gifties! You know what? Your years of experience writing letters has served you well, too. You write a nice one 🙂 and I’m writing a response to yours this weekend. Thank you so much for it.

    Third, whoever sent you the Pantone card is a correspondent of consummate taste. I want the postcards!

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