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Inky's Twig by Brandee Baltzell

It’s been a crazy few weeks again. I’m a little behind on reading your blogs and for that I apologize. My mother fell on ice and tore two ligaments in her knee so I’ve been looking after her as she mends. She has surgery next week and I’ll be running her forth and back to the doctor and to her meetings as need be. I’m still here and I promise to catch up as I can.

I am participating in A Month of Letters which is a challenge to write and mail a letter a day for the month of February. I hope you’ll check it out and maybe join in. Emails just aren’t the same as getting a good old fashioned letter. πŸ™‚

Winter has been very mild so far. We don’t have much if any snow on the ground which has made it impossible to snowshoe or go sledding. I’m bummed and I admit, if this is how Winter is going to be then I would rather Spring arrive early. You may display your faces of shock now. Yes, I know.

I added a page to my blog called “Peeling Bark” with subpages beneath it labeled #1 and #2 (so far). They are password protected. They are my Ambien writings – writings I did when I was under the influence of Ambien. Once in a while when I can’t sleep I will take an Ambien. Sometimes I fight the sleep and I end up in front of my computer writing some very strange stories and thoughts. I don’t have a lot of them but I am posting about one a week for the next few weeks from my files. There are only about five or so total and they are from a few years ago. They are quite bizarre and I’m not totally comfortable making them public. If you want to read it, let me know and I will give you the password. Read them with the understanding that they are very “out there” and quite silly.

This beautiful drawing at the top of the post is courtesy of my friend Brandee over at Brandeewine, the very same Brandee who drew “Queen of the Squirrels”.

She sent it to me with the sweetest note. I wish you could see her handwriting. It is most beautiful and I must admit that I am jealous. I wish my penmanship could be as glorious. Thank you, Brandee!

So there you have it. I think I’m all caught up. I hope everyone is doing well and not getting the Winter blahs. It will be Spring soon enough! πŸ˜€

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  1. Okay I think it’s super awesome you have “Ambien writings”. That’s very old-school artsy-addict writer πŸ˜‰ (even though you aren’t an addict) I bet they’re great, just not your usual.
    Good thoughts to your mom. She’s lucky you are taking such good care of her!
    That twig is a drawing? It’s gorgeous.

  2. I love the letters idea! I want to do it. My hands hurt a lot in the winter so consensus 55 in Jan, I’m over it. If I can’t play in the snow, I just want it to be warm again. Hope your mom heals quickly–it’s good that you are there and can help her. The writings sound intriguing! Take care of yourself. πŸ™‚

    • Whoa, some weird paste happened there and I obliterated half my comment. I meant to say that I shy away from writing in winter due to pain but I could keep the letters brief…and speaking of winter, ours sounds a lot like yours with temps from -15 to 55 in January alone, minimal snow, seems like a perpetual late fall. I’m over it…

  3. First of all, I am so glad you liked the twig. I enjoyed doing it. It is more fun to draw something with someone specific in mind.

    The penmanship thing…well, funny story. I once had a history teacher that loved my handwriting. I’m not entirely sure that my papers were graded on their actual merit, because the only thing that she ever wrote on them was about the penmanship!

    I have enjoyed the Peeling Bark pages…what a great name, by the way! It is fun to see where the mind can go when let off the leash a bit.

    I’m so sorry for Mama Twig. I hope that she’s not suffering too much and that she’s on the mend soon!

    I also very glad that you didn’t ditch Twitter permanently. You WOULD BE MISSED!

    Finally, are you SURE you can’t finagle a trip out to Arizona???

  4. Thinking of your mom–I’m guessing this means that the upcoming week is going to be a super busy one?

    I’m enjoying the month of letters although most of mine are not very long or personal. I know some people will want to become pen-pals and some will not, but I want to leave that up to whether they write me back or not. After the weekend I had, I was really glad to write to a few strangers who didn’t know the first thing about me.

    I am off to peel some bark right now. πŸ˜‰

  5. It makes me so happy that so many people are participating in Month of Letters. Seems like there is a lot of change brewing for you, quiet and less subtle, and I hope February is kind with you. I am so excited to keep reading your writing in every forum.

  6. Sorry to hear about your mom, Tracy! I hope she’s on the mend – tearing ligaments sounds like a next level in pain: ouch.

    As you already know, I am loving your Ambien writings. I wish there were more. Looking forward to the next installment!

  7. Very lovely Brandee drawing … and I’d love to read your Ambien musings. How interesting/scary/creative – all mixed into one! Sorry to hear about mom and hope she’s on the mend. Here’s to spring, my friend!

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