Winter in Wisconsin

We don’t have as much snow as we usually do this time of year. But we finally have a little and I’m sure there is more to come. Still, it was nice to get out and play in the snow this last weekend. Fresh air is always a good thing!


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  1. Such wonderful pictures! I especially like the ones with the trees and the Angles & Sunset photo. I had to look closely at the one labeled Layers of Brick, Snow and Light. I couldn’t quite get what I was looking at, but the picture had a lot of visual interest to draw me in.

    Really nice. I hope you get a bit more snow…we had sprincles today, so perhaps that will build up a head of steam and actually become a storm as it works its way across the U.S.

    • Brandee, there is a stack of bricks – cement bricks at the farm and I took the picture looking down – straight down – through the middle of a row of bricks.It just looked so cool to me with the snow, light and brick… Thank you by the way!

  2. Beautiful collection of pictures, Tracy. The sunsetting pictures are some of my favourites. That time of day musters up all sorts of warm feelings. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    This winter has been the craziest one yet. Mild temperatures on day, freezing temperatures the next. Rain one day, snow the next. I’m ready for a proper winter…..

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