Winter Arrives

It’s January 12th and finally, we are getting snow. We are supposed to get six to eight inches total which really isn’t that much but at this point, it is better than nothing! While I know it’s not fun for those who must travel, I must admit that I’m elated over the white stuff. I am hoping to go sledding this weekend with my husband and daughter.

I’ve always loved snow days. Fire crackling away in the fireplace. Hot cocoa in an oversized mug after an afternoon of  tromping around in the snow as it falls from the sky, kissing my cheeks and eyelashes.

Surroundings are changed, the landscape transformed as the snow fills in the dips and holes. The world is renewed. The trees are blanketed yet stand stark against the white. Any spot of color is amplified. It’s beautiful.

Take the snowflake, for example. Look at the detail – that incredible minute detail – that makes up a single snowflake! How exquisite it is! How it sparkles in the sunlight!

And the peacefulness of a snowy day. Stop. Listen. Breathe in the fresh clean scent of new fallen snow. Soak in the stillness.

Winter has arrived.


0 thoughts on “Winter Arrives

  1. See, when you explain it like that, it sounds almost nice. I am ridiculously pleased that you are finally getting some of those pretty little snowflakes, but I will admit…I really only like the paper kind.

  2. I am quite thrilled for you, darling Tracy.While I can’t stomach the white stuff, I take pleasure in seeing how much you and your family enjoy it. Snap some photos when you’re out!

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