Reverb11: Nutritional Clarity & the Power of the Pressure Cooker (December 28th)

December 28 Prompt
Prompt:  Thought: What new thought, idea or action have you taken this year that gave you a true sense of freedom?


It’s not exactly a new idea. Nor is it mine. But it has been one of the  most important things to come into my life and my family’s life.

I’m talking about the pressure cooker and nutritional clarity in general.

I’m not, nor have I ever been a junk-food junkie or a fast-food person. Sure, we indulged in fast food once in a while but not very often. That really came to a permanent halt after watching Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me”. Since then we have been on a path of learning and practicing healthier eating and becoming more cognizant of what we are fueling our bodies with.

I’ve always loved vegetables and fresh, real food. But I’m no saint. My big weakness is chips and salsa but lately, spicy foods have been hurting my throat so I’ve been avoiding too much hot stuff. Hard for a girl who used to live on jalapeño sandwiches in college. The hotter the better.

The thing about cleaner eating is that once you start down that road and if you decide to veer off for a day and try some of the old foods, you notice it RIGHT AWAY. You feel like crap. It’s like pouring sludge in your car’s gas tank. WHY would you do that? You wouldn’t! And yet, we do! The things we put into our bodies!!

Once you see and feel how awesome your body feels when you eat clean – when you stay away from the crap and when you FUEL your body with wholesomeness, it is truly freeing. I call it “Feng-Shui for the body” because it feels like everything is aligned and there is an energy flowing through you.

Enter the pressure cooker.

Last January I started kettlebells. I also began reading this wonderful blog about kettlebells and healthy food and pressure cookers! All my life I’ve been very nervous even at the thought of pressure cookers -not realizing they had electric ones. My fear comes from the fact that things tend to explode or burst into fire when I’m around. LONG, LONG story. *sigh. Anyway, my mom happened to have an eight quart electric pressure cooker – never used – in her basement. I mentioned buying a pressure cooker and she told me not to because she had one I could have. Voila! Problem solved.

Since Mom gave me the pressure cooker earlier last summer, I have been using it more than any other appliance in my house save for the immersion blender. It is now my most treasured tool in the kitchen. I cannot imagine NOT cooking with it. The things you can cook, the speed, the intensity of the natural flavors and the nutrition that it packs into the foods!!! You cannot go wrong with it! Our chest freezer is stocked FULL with two cup containers containing a variety of soups, liver pate, chicken biryani, stews, broths, etc… . I cook and freeze food for my mom so all she has to do is heat it up and eat whenever she doesn’t have time to cook.

The BIGGEST thing is that it is all healthy. Most, if not all the vegetables I use – especially in the summer – come from my uncles’ garden. Whenever I am cooking now, I know every single ingredient that has gone into that food and it is highly nutritional and good for us.

That is thee most freeing, satisfying thing I know.

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    • Noel, here is a link that explains a little about it:

      A crockpot is a slow cooker while the pressure cooker could be called a fast cooker. You can cook things very quickly because of the pressure and high temperature that is reached so quickly. The flavor, the nutrition is more intense and healthier. I cook roasts in there and they are super tender and moist. I make chicken liver pate in there in 3 minutes. I make Chicken Biryani in there – and it takes about 20-30 minutes. That is throwing the whole chicken in there and vegetables and dry rice. You can make your entire meal in there in a really short amount of time but with a high quality to it.

    • Brandon, I want to get another one – a smaller one – like a 4qt. I love my 8qt and would use both! I think you would really like the pressure cooker!

  1. I share your fear of exploding things. But you have convinced me. I’m glad you mentioned in another comment that they make smaller ones; with just the two of us to cook for I am not sure an 8qt is the right size. My freezer is often packed to the gills as it is. But I am definitely going to look into this as soon as I replace my (*taps*) sadly departed food processor.

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