Christmas Lights

Every year at Christmas for as long as I can remember, the Krygoski family has been putting up this amazing light display at their house in Menominee, Michigan.

You can drive up to the house and park and then get out and walk through. They have a nativity scene with a live donkey named Dusty that the children can pet. It is beautiful.

We stopped by to see it this year on Christmas Eve.

What a nice way to end the evening. The only thing missing was the Polka music on the car radio as we drove through town. It’s usually on at six o’clock on Saturday nights but it was around nine pm when we were driving home from the farm.

Krygoski Christmas Light Display

From the parking lot looking in

The gazebo where the nativity scene is

More lights

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  1. Love it!!! 🙂 We have some houses in our neighborhood that go all out on the lights. We drive by them every year on Christmas Eve and I love seeing the line of cars out in front, full of families doing the same thing we are. 🙂

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