#Reverb11: Fear (December 13th)

Fear – What scared you this year more than anything else? Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Prompt courtesy of Geekin’ Hard


My fear is wrapped up in one complete and efficient package.

It contains those I love most in this world.

And my inability to prevent sorrow and pain from touching them.

I learn with each passing day that I cannot always make things better.

Although I try.

I’ll always try.

So I hold this package close to my heart at all times.

I cradle it. I protect it the best that I can.

I rip away the layer that contains my fear.

And  wrap my family with all the love I have to give instead.


0 thoughts on “#Reverb11: Fear (December 13th)

  1. Fear has been a big theme for me as I reflect on the past year and think of 2012. I haven’t yet decided on a word, but ‘fearless’ might have to be it. I find your strategy to be the most effective: pour what would have been fear into love instead.

  2. Do you know how much emotion comes through in this short post? It is real and tangible. Thank you for your words. I absolutely ADORE the way you approached the fear topic. My 2012 bring more peace of mind to you.

  3. They say one cannot live in both love and fear at the same time. They are somehow diametrically opposed within our souls. I don’t know if that is 100% true or not. But I do know that love is more rewarding an experience when fear is minimized. Good post.

  4. I chose to answer this prompt a little differently, but yes, fear that I cannot protect my loved ones is absolutely my number one fear. This year, and all years.

  5. I want to teach you how to fight with a sword. I just feel the world needs a person like you capable of wielding the weapon that represents good and justice.

    Also, I like teaching people to fight with swords.

  6. Knowing just a bit about the specific things that have worried you this year, I feel every line of this for you. There is just nothing worse than the inability to protect our loved ones from the hurts and ills of every day. We just have to keep trying, and you do it with beauty and grace.

    • Thanks, Brandee. I wrote this because I couldn’t really go into specifics on the blog and yes, it’s been rough. Not as rough as some have to go through but let’s say challenging…lol.

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