#Reverb11: Beginning Kettlebell (December 7th)

What was something you were a beginner at this year? Were you kinder with yourself because you were a beginner? If you let yourself be a beginner, what would you learn to do in the next year?

#reverb11 is a daily reflective prompt that runs every day through the month of December. It is an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and manifest what the new year may hold. It was started by Gwen Bell in 2009 and has been passed on to individuals to host in 2011.

Prompt courtesy of Don’t Be a Picklebump


Kettlebell + Outdoors = Awesome

For me it was the kettlebell.

Back in January, I read Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4-Hour Body”. I got to the chapter where he profiled a woman by the name of Tracy Reifkind who lost more than 100 pounds through healthy eating and the kettlebell. I was intrigued and heavily inspired. I had never really heard much about kettlebells before. But the way it was described and the overall benefits one gains from using them grabbed me hook, line and sinker.

So that weekend, while we were up north and of course me being the novice on kettlebells, we went to ShopKo where I purchased a cheap set of them (I cringe as I admit it was the Jillian Michaels set, forgive me). But I didn’t want to fork over a bunch of cash on something I might try and not like. I wanted to check it out first and then decide if I wanted to invest in the real deal.

I amassed as much information as I could about the kettlebell. Of all the stuff I read and watched online, the ones that stood out to me as being the best in terms of quality and correct form were all Russian Kettlebell(RKC). The Jillian Michaels crap was hilarious. Even as a beginner, I could tell by just watching her videos that something was just not right.

Instead, I turned to videos and advice from such people as Pavel Tsatsouline, David Whitley (The Iron Tamer), Tracy Reifkind and Girya Girl – all Russian Kettlebell Certified instructors and all very helpful.

On January 17th, I started practicing with the kettlebell and fell in love.

I used my Jillian Michaels kettlebells until I got the basics down in terms of form and then I ordered my first official Dragon Door kettlebellย which was their 8kg (18lb) kettlebell. It was a bit light for me so it wasn’t long until I ordered the 12kg(26lb) ones.

So many things changed for me. My posture, my strength, my endurance, my energy (to name just a few things) all improved. Weight-wise, I haven’t changed that much and that is my fault. I have lost a lot of inches though and I’m more happy about that than pounds.

Workouts or kettlebell practice is short and sweet. Time ranges from 10 minutes to 20 or 30. It gets your heart rate up quickly and works your entire body like no other workout I have ever done. Plus, it is fun and you don’t need a lot of space to do it. Right now I use a 12kg (26lb) and 16kg(35lb) and plan on getting the new 18kg(40lb) kettlebell next. (Christmas wish list!) In 2012 I hope to work up to the 20kg(44lb) and up.

It’s almost been a year and I’ve slipped and slid away from the kettlebell a little bit in the last couple months. I haven’t been as consistent as I should be. I let personal stress and depression turn my head and get in the way of my workouts. I am to blame for that but I haven’t given up on the kettlebell. I will get back to it. I will work towards my goal of certification. I am determined to do that. I will. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for next year, I plan to be a beginner podcaster. That is my main goal (among many others) and I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. A twig for your thoughts? Can you hear me smiling across the world? And how about that snow! And podcasts! So much goodness, Tracy…

    I remember reading your Kettlebell posts early in the year and marveling at how excited you were at the way Kettlebell impacted your life. I have been a very delinquent exerciser (partly because I am still recovering from the injuries of the car accident in the fall of 2010), and I’m inspired by your efforts to try a little bit harder…

  2. wow! that sounds amazing. i have to say, i am a jillian michaels fan but i had heard some whispers that her kettlebell workouts promoted poor technique – which makes me sad. i can’t even IMAGINE lifting a 40 pound anything, so awesome for you!! congratulations.

    • I like Jillian too. It’s just that the kettlebell form is really bad and even though the RKC community has offered to train both Jillian and Bob – they have never taken them up on it. I just wish they would get it right – for safety sake. It’s not so much lifting as it is swinging it and you would be surprised at what you can do – it’s totally different than lifting weights.

  3. Love it! Also, I love this pic and how much strength/determination I see there! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think of you every time I swing the kettle bell in my cardio interval class.

  4. Thanks for using my prompt! I appreciate it muchly!

    I love lifting weights, I do have a kettlebell but haven’t done much with it. This year needs to be different. There’s something very therapeutic in moving around heavy stuff!

    • I am really enjoying your prompts as well as your site, Paula! Let me know if you pursue kettlebells more. I love them. Truly. If you like weightlifting I think you would really enjoy kettlebells.

  5. I have always been inspired by your kettlebell posts and I’m so happy to hear that they are going to start up again. I think the exercise will do a lot to elevate your mood, too. If I remember correctly that’s what happened earlier this year, right? It’s nice to have the chronology of the whole thing in one post right here.

    I have a secret: I can’t listen to podcasts. My brain tunes out and I lose track completely within about three minutes without something to engage my eyes. I can watch vlogs, but podcasts/radio news/phone calls longer than about five minutes put me out. Will you hate me if I opt out? (Or will you occasionally vlog, just to appease my scatterbrain?) This is me, signing off and batting my eyelashes to get my way.

  6. It’s so funny that I found kettlebells the same way that you did. Someone gifted me a copy of 4 hour body on kindle and I randomly and casually read through it. I was intrigued by the kettlebell and Tracy’s story too. So, I googled the closest HKC in my area and started training with her. In 3 months I lost 20lbs and I am now addicted to kettlebells. I often reflect on how randomly I came across kb’s and how if I hadn’t I’d likely be in the same place weight and healthwise.

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