Reverb11: A Gift of Sand (December 6th)

December 6 – What was your favourite gift given and received in 2011?
Who was the recipient, who was the giver? What was it for (an event, holiday or just because)? Was the gift tangible or something else (i.e. support in a hard situation or laughter when it was most needed)?

 Prompt courtesy of Besottment

My Favorite Gift: The Red Sands of PEI

Earlier last summer, my friend Kim from over at The Deep Old Desk told me to expect something in the mail. I wasn’t sure what it would be but I was excited just the same. It’s not often I receive anything in the mail, even letters. So when my husband walked in cradling a little package in his hands and handed it to me, I knew it had to be from Kim. I just looked at it and admired the box for a moment or two. Seeing Kim’s handwriting for the first time, I got my first real tangible connection to this wonderful, warm and engaging person I’d become friends with online.

As I slowly and carefully peeled away the outer wrapping on the box, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what was inside until I pulled out the card and this little glass jar containing the most beautiful red granules of sand and several tiny, tiny seashells. Even before I read the note, I knew instantly what it was. “Oh my gosh!” I said to my husband. “I can’t believe it! It’s red sand! Kim sent me red sand from Prince Edward Island!” Yes, I remember my reaction exactly. I was that excited. 😀

“Sand from East Point, PEI June 2011” is what the note says at the top. That sand is from the area where Anne of Green Gables takes place – where the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, of my favorite books lived and breathed at one time. I was speechless. In my hands, I was holding a jar of sand from a place I have long dreamed of going. Someday. Someday.

This jar sits on my desk where I can see it, stare at it and marvel at it daily. It is a constant reminder of Kim, our friendship and as she wrote in the note, “…a way to ground your heart in times of need”.

Indeed it does.

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  1. That’s amazing! I’m a little jealous, because that is sooooooo cool. I even got a little flumished thinking about how amazing it is to have friends across the internet and to actually send things to them. I feel a bit like a slacker because I haven’t ever sent anything out to anyone. I should correct that in 2012.

    • I too need to get some things sent out. I’m a horrid procrastinator. My goal is to overcome that to some degree- in 2012. You do your doodles for us though. We love them, Matt. You are not a slacker. You made me that amazing kettlebell avatar and you draw things when we ask for them. You are most definitely NOT a slacker!

  2. SHUT UP. How did this sit in the internet and languish for a week without me even knowing it existed??? Ohhh, Tracy. You are just my girl, that’s all. And you’re an Anne girl to boot.

    I have tears in my eyes right now. I wish I could have sent more to fill the jar better but I only had the one handful to divide between the three of us. Really I should have gone down to the shore with a plastic pail like I did when I was three years old. But I am so glad you loved it, because it’s not the kind of thing that would have made sense to everyone. I love that it makes sense to you.

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