#Reverb11: Meeting Noel (December 3rd)

A Moment in Time – Tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.


I was having a difficult time with this prompt until I actually sat down with my laptop and a cup of coffee (I know! I know! I’m bad! Kim, I am not back on it whole hog) and started chewing on my memories of this year. I wasn’t sure what to write about as I didn’t really do anything wildly crazy or exciting in 2011 (so far). We didn’t really go anywhere except for Chicago a couple months ago.

We have a couple friends who live in Chicago with whom we stay whenever we make it down there – which is about once a year. We always eat at the most delicious restaurants and definitely have a most fabulous time.

This trip was even more special. I got to meet a friend for the very first time in person. I’m talking about the bodaciously awesome and sparkling Noel of French Christmas. We met for coffee and spent a couple hours talking and laughing. I felt like I’d known her forever. She is indeed a kindred spirit.

How blessed I am to have been able to meet Noel! That’s how I feel about this entire year in regard to my friends I’ve made online through Reverb10. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you all at some point in time. I truly do. What a gift your friendships are to me. Thank you!

Kindred Spirits

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  1. I giggled! Girl, you’ve been drinking coffee since you were a tot, so I say that even quitting it for a little while was a huge step. And coffee doesn’t make you a bad person, so we’re moving on.

    Also, you know this meeting stokes serious envy in me. “Bodaciously awesome and sparkling” is exactly how she comes across online, so I love knowing that she’s the same way in person. And to know that she’s close enough that you’ll get to do it again…. Well, envy again!

  2. How fabulous is that? The photo alone is heartwarming, but the story itself is inspiring! You both radiate. We should organize a massive Reverb convention so everyone could meet offline! I’d fly to Chicago and stay my cousins… What do y’all think?

  3. OMG! I am so so so honored I do not even know what to say!! Big hugs to you — getting to know you and meet you on and offline was definitely a highlight of this year. You and the rest of our community mean more to me than you can ever know. I can only hope someday, maybe even 2012, we’ll ALL get to meet up in person somewhere!!!

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