#Reverb11: My Wish For You (December 2nd)

My Children Will Do it Differently – If you could choose one thing that your children will do or experience in a different way than you have, what would it be and why?


I answered this a little differently. I did grow up with love – lots of love and I can’t really complain about my childhood. I am who I am today because of it. I don’t regret that.

This is simply a poem of what I wish for my daughter. It’s still a little rough as I only now just wrote it for this prompt.

My Wish For You

Two parents together
in love until the end
more than just lovers
always best of friends

a house bursting with laughter
and squeals of delight
Where we talk problems out
and there’s rarely a fight

heart, mind and soul
wide open and free
filled with compassion
and understanding

never lose your sense of wonder
or your ability to believe
for you are so full of potential
and possibility

failure is an option
the key is always try
always ask questions
always wonder “why”

live fully and abundantly
follow your own path
and when you are uncertain
don’t be afraid to ask

when the way to take is murky
when answers aren’t always clear
know you’re not alone
for we are always here

and even though your journey
is your very own to take
trust in yourself, my love
you’ll know what choice to make

my wish for you is a life of contentment
and the knowledge that you are loved
that no matter how difficult times may get
you will always rise above

and LIVE.


0 thoughts on “#Reverb11: My Wish For You (December 2nd)

  1. She is so, so lucky, Tracy. To have a mother who loves her more than life, who wants nothing more than to see her flourish; who writes beautiful words just for her. So very lucky indeed.

  2. If I don’t quit this tearing-up-on-my-computer-while-reading-stuff-on-the-internet-habit, Elijah will think I’m crazy by the end of the month.

    You are a gift to your daughter, and to all of us. Love.

  3. Oh, that lucky, lucky girl. I love that you turned to poetry here once again and I especially love that failure is an option, knowing that getting up again is the business of living.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments and thoughts. I appreciate them. Sometimes it is easier for me to convey my feelings in the lines of a poem than any other way.

  4. My eyes are misty from the love that shone through your poem. I am so glad you had a happy childhood and that you can pass such love to your children. I am sure they will treasure this poem and pass it down for generations to come.

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