The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2011

So AnneShirley and I went up north to stay overnight at my mom’s and go out to the Uncles (the farm) and hunt for our Christmas trees. Jess had to go to Chicago on business.  I only got about an hour of sleep the night before. Joy. Surprisingly, I didn’t crash but rather had plenty of energy throughout the day with even just one cup of coffee. Imagine my shock at this.

We headed out to the farm in the afternoon after stopping at Mom’s to pick her up. It was a beautiful sunny, chilly – in other words a PERFECT Autumn day. I couldn’t wait to get out in the woods.

We told AnneShirley we were going Christmas tree hunting.

AnneShirley: “So what gun are we going to use?”

Me: “Well, it’s not that type of hunting, Honey!”

AnneShirley: “Oh!”

Heading Up Into the Field

AnneShirley and I headed up into the woods. Uncle Ted and Uncle Tom had already marked some possible trees for us but we decided to scout around deeper for other potential finds.

Uncle Tom drove the 4-wheeler up and joined us about 45 minutes later. AnneShirley had a blast tromping through the woods and finding the perfect “hiking stick”.  I, of course, enjoyed being out in the woods as I always do and had a thoroughly great time showing AnneShirley the large anthill mounds and deer trails, deer sign and deer tracks. I live for this stuff and get a kick out of teaching her the things I learned at a young age – like how to walk through the woods without making a sound – a very important skill!

A Definite Possibility

We found Mom’s tree and I think we have a pretty good idea which one we like. Uncle Ted and Uncle Tom usually get a 20 foot plus tree as they have cathedral ceilings in their log house. We will cut them down in about a week or two or before snow hits. When we were done, Uncle Tom let me take AnneShirley on his 4-wheeler – her first time. She was in heaven as we navigated across the field and over to the driveway. We got up to the house, I rolled to a stop and cut the engine. Of course, the ride wasn’t long enough to suit her.

AnneShirley: “Let’s go again only now it’s my turn to drive!”

Me: “I don’t think so!”

She wasn’t happy about that but when I brought up the magic words, “hot cocoa” she forgot all about the 4-wheeler and made a mad dash for the house.

On the 4-Wheeler

We had such a wonderful day. And of course there’s nothing more warming after a chilly day in the woods than a delicious cup of hot cocoa, now is there? (drat, I forgot to take a pic of hot cocoa) LOL! 😛

0 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2011

  1. It sounds like a lovely day, indeed. I can’t wait to see your tree once it’s in the house and decorated!

    It’s a yearly tradition for my dad to take my sister and I out to find the perfect tree. My mom waits at home and gets out her homemade decorations and prepares the hot chocolate! It’s always a fun time.

    AnneShirley will look back on these times with such happiness. 🙂

    • Mary, I grew up with real trees for Christmas but since we have been married, we’ve used a fake one my mom got us for when we lived in Maryland. We’ve been too lazy to get a real one until this year. LOL. I’m such a dork. I miss the smell of the real boughs. I will take pictures, believe me! Traditions are so wonderful. I love starting our own with our family. I hope she looks back fondly on her childhood. We are trying. 🙂

    • I will take pictures for sure! It hasn’t been cut yet. In a couple weeks I’m thinking is when they’ll cut it. AnneShirley is definitely cute if I do say so my self, Roxanne! I’m having a ball with her.

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