A Thanksgiving Poem for You!

A Thanksgiving Poem

May your Thanksgiving turkey be juicy and plump,
May your gravy be silky with nary a lump,
May your table be laden with side dishes galore
May your bellies be bursting with room for no more.
And lest we forget all of those pies!
Pumpkin, pecan and apple, OH MY!
Don’t forget the Humpy Camel Juice,
It’s sure to impress
Or Fireside Coffee as you sit down to rest.
My wish for you above all is just this,
That you have a day full of love, joy and bliss.
So Happy Thanksgiving to you, my dear online friends
Time for this Thanksgiving poem to end.

Happy Thanksgiving!


~Tracy Mangold

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  1. Big hugs to you! I can’t wait until AnneShirley is old enough to join some sort of activity with lots of singalongs–rhyme and meter is in her blood.

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