The Sweet Spot in Autumn

November is when the temperatures ponder their chilliness and the dark of night seeps in earlier as we turn the clocks back. But as the air cools and it is time to don the hats and mittens, my heart warms at all that November has packed in its luggage.

It is a month of thankfulness; a month of family, food, the deep heady scents of apples, cranberries and cloves cooking on the stove. The gentle swooshing of  pine trees caressing clear blue skies with their long, slender needles, infusing the air with their clean, fresh, scent.

Wood smoke drifting lazily across the landscape, tantalizing the nostrils, reminding me of my childhood and sitting in front of a blazing hot fire in the fireplace after a long day cutting firewood in the cold.

It is a month of change as the reality of snow hangs in the air. It is a month of many things. For me, it is loveliness perfected.

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  1. The notification for this post showed up in my inbox and I clicked over immediately. I knew it would be like this. Or I hoped really hard.

    I’ve realized that part of my apathy for autumn is not just because I dread the winters here but because I live in such a sterile area and we don’t have the fragrance going that you have. I think it would be very different if I walked out of my front door and smelled pine and woodsmoke instead of car exhaust. I know one thing for sure: I was going to make an apple compote tomorrow morning and it is now definitely becoming an apple cranberry compote with cloves. Definitely.

    • That makes my night! That sounds delicious. My three favorite flavors of the season. If you get a chance, check out my recipe for Humpy Camel Juice. I think I’ll repost it. It is my seasonal favorite to make on the stove and drink and it warms you up all over! Hugs to you my dear Kim!

  2. Only you could make me long for cold climates and for anything remotely related to fall. Through your beautiful imagery, I am transported.

  3. Who won’t be a full blown Autumn convert after coming here and reading your posts, Tracy? I’m glad I come here and allow myself to start feeling excited about the change in the air.

  4. Loveliness perfected, indeed. This post was loveliness perfected. Like you, I adore fall – but like Kim, I am not somewhere that really feels like fall this time of year. Part of my looking forward to returning to school and, hopefully, to New England has to do with anticipating the imagery of autumn.

    Also — humpy camel juice? Recipe, please!

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