Spooky Weather

*This is a repost from last October. I thought it fitting for a drizzly day like today. 🙂

Spooky Weather

Late October rain

Drizzling down




Dreary woods, weeping trees

Fat droplets splooshing,

Soaking dead leaf-cluttered ground

Ghostly moon through branches, peers

As fog steals across the land swallowing all within its sight.

It’s spooky weather, my three-year-old says.

~Tracy Ann Mangold

0 thoughts on “Spooky Weather

  1. We’re experiencing some of that weather here, at the moment. Some days, I really like it others, not so much. It hurts my head–really–my head aches when we experience these changes in pressure. Ouch.

    Hope these spooky days are treating you kindly.

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