Back on the Wagon – A Kettlebell/Warrior Diet Update

I’m long overdue posting a kettlebell/Warrior Diet update. And for that I apologize. Not so much to you, no offense. But rather, to myself. I let myself down big time.

This summer sucked health wise. I had one of my lovely sinus infections and let it go untreated far too long. It zapped me of my strength, my energy, my drive and my will. I let it. I also found out the hard way what foods I simply cannot eat any longer and what I should NOT eat any longer. And while it sucks, it is good to know my parameters. Knowledge truly is power.

My kettlebell workouts suffered tremendously. I haven’t been doing them regularly and it is almost as if I lost my zeal for them. I haven’t. But it is hard to get motivated or rather, be motivated when you are just freaking tired all the time. And now, I’ve had nonstop headaches for the last two and half weeks. I’m tracing that back to what I am eating. At least I think that is the problem.

So here I am. Starting over. I’m going back on the Warrior Diet. I felt great when I was on it – save for the dairy I was eating. Once I cut that out, I was doing really well.

I’m going to start training my kettlebells in earnest again and I’m not going to give up. It’s true I did get frustrated that the pounds on the scale weren’t budging. I need to forget about the damn scale and just focus on my health and well-being. No excuses.

I’m detoxing right now. Cutting back – waaay back on caffeine. I’m trying to drink only one cup of coffee a day – in the mornings and then I switch to tea. One of my favorite teas is Republic of Tea’s Get Clean Tea. I love the taste and it really soothes my body and cleanses my insides.

For those unfamiliar with the Warrior Diet, it is about under-eating during the day and then eating the main meal in the evening. It’s not about NOT eating but rather about eating clean, living foods. During the day you may snack on fresh fruits and vegetables or fresh squeezed fruit juices. Then in the afternoon, you may eat a light protein and then at supper, you start off with a salad and then move on to lightly cooked vegetables, then a protein and lastly, a carb food. For me, my brain felt uncluttered. I felt clear and more energized when I was following the Warrior Diet. Time to get back on that horse.

One thing I am discovering I must give up – much to my dismay – is peanut butter. Last night was the last straw. I had some sprouted sourdough toast with organic peanut butter and organic jelly and afterwards, my throat felt like it was closing up on me and I could barely swallow. It was scary. I’ve had some other issues after eating peanut butter but last night was the worst. So no more. πŸ™ No starch, no dairy, no peanut butter and of course, no processed sugar.

I made my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe last week. I haven’t baked in a long time. But I wanted to make some for my husband and little girl, plus she wanted to help. And there is just something about baking and Autumn, isn’t there? I still need to start learning how to bake using alternative (healthy ingredients) rather than the old standbys. Cooking healthy in general is not a problem for me. We thrive on fruits and vegetables. But with it being Autumn, I’ve been craving my Pumpkin Lattes. So, I bought the sugar-free Pumpkin Pie Torani syrup. Of course it is made with Splenda and of course I got a headache right away after drinking a coffee with the syrup in it. How soon we forget! NO. FAKE. FOODS. That is so important.

I’ll start posting regularly again about my progress. It helps keep me honest. And hopefully it is somewhat beneficial to someone else out there. In the meantime, here I go. It is with optimism and excitement that I move forward. My focus is to be constantly IN THE MOMENT. That is my mantra. No looking back and whipping myself over past mistakes. No looking too far forward trying to see that which I cannot. Just me simply being me in this moment and doing the very best I can. That is all. That is all it needs to be.

Happy Monday!

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    I’m so happy for you. Your health posts are always so inspiring to me and I know they must be helpful for others, too. I’m sorry to hear about the peanuts–they seem to be everywhere in one form or another and that closing-up feeling would have scared me to death. At least if you’re eliminating processed food, you’ll be able to control traces of peanuts in what you eat.

    And also, OMG. Impossible to say no to baking cookies when a little girl wants to help. I swooned a little bit, Tracy, I did.

      • That made me laugh! The exclamation mark comment. LOL!
        We’ve been eliminating processed food for quite a while but every once in a while it will creep in. It’s hard to completely avoid. Unfortunately. The thing is, once you do eliminate all that crap and then when you eat just a bit of it, your body rebels big time. UGH!
        Thanks, Kim! πŸ™‚

  2. The warrior diet sounds badass! I wish I had the discipline but alas, lunch time for me is when I allow myself the calorie splurge. This post put a πŸ™‚ on my face; I’ve been seeing your tweets and reading your posts over the last weeks dealing with your health and I’m glad that you’re back on track with your kettlebells and your diet.

    Boooo @ the peanut allergy. I’m sorry, Tracy. I hate how allergies just show up whenever they feel like it.

    • Thanks Onyi. It’s not so hard really. You are still eating through the day but it’s all about clean food. I just know I feel so much cleaner, more focused and healthier when I’m on the Warrior Diet – which is not a diet really but rather a way of eating.. I just miss my peanut butter. πŸ™

  3. it’s so good that you know what’s best for your body. I have tried different diets and eating habits that work for others, but at the end of the day, I just KNOW what makes my body feel the best. (When I don’t get enough red meat, for example, I have the worst fatigue, despite several attempts to go vegetarian.)

    Also, baking cookies is one of the best parts of fall and winter!! πŸ™‚ Love!

    • I get the same way. I tell my husband that I KNOW when I need protein as my body just “tells” me. I know it. Although I could totally go vegetarian more often than not. I love meat but sometimes it is just too much – too heavy. I like to feel light and clean but meat is hard to give up. I grew up on it. I get really tired without it too. Especially when doing weights for workouts like the kettlebell. I DO know that starches and sugars and now peanut butter are no-no’s. Coffee – I’m not so sure about yet. I’m three days off it but I miss it and my doctor DID say it is a good preventative against Alzheimer’s. Plus I have been drinking it since age three. Kind of hard to give up! LOL!

  4. I am so very glad that you are feeling better. It’s been tough knowing that you were feeling so poorly all around.

    Diet is the next item that we need to tackle at our house. Now that we’re in a routine at the gym, you would think that it would be easier. I need to take a cue from you, and do a lot more prep on the weekends. I think that it would make life a lot easier during the week, when we’re running in so many different directions.

    I am going to look into something called the Diet Solution. It operates under the premise that we eat backwards…the proportions are out of whack. To little meat/chicken/protien, too many carbs. It doesn’t cut anything out, just readjusts. My girlfriend has had great success with the idea. NEED to do less processed food.

    You are a tremendous inspiration to me in so many ways, so I am selfishly glad that you’re feeling better and posting more often.

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