An Autumn Day

The geese are moving. I can hear them honking overhead. It’s a splendid sound that is intertwined with the gentle tinkling of the wind chimes just outside my window.

The temperatures have been warm the last few days, hovering in the 80’s. But it is that delicious sort of warmth, not tainted by a raging humidity but rather tempered by cool October breezes.

The other day, my little pumpkin and I stood outside at the farm with our arms outstretched, facing the late afternoon sun. We closed our eyes, inhaled deeply the rich aroma of Autumn, felt the sun’s rays kiss our cheeks and embraced the wind as it brushed against and over us in a gentle hug. Such delight in the little things. That is what I live for – those moments – however so brief.

We talked to the grasshoppers as they hopped and leaped about. We picked pumpkins and then posed with them as we do each year at this time. We gathered up the buttercup squash, dug down into the cool garden soil for a treasure of carrots. And we plucked apples and pears from the trees in the orchard savoring every little bit of that precious afternoon awesomeness that we could.

It was a lovely Autumn day indeed.

The Driveway at the Farm

Autumn Color – A View from the Orchard

Pumpkins 2011

0 thoughts on “An Autumn Day

  1. I love the way you are teaching her to immerse herself in her senses and the natural world. It puts the biggest smile on my face.

    Wishing you well from a chillier but bright and lovely autumn day a little to the north and east.

  2. We aren’t quite there yet…we turned the air conditioning off the other day and we’re savoring the first cool breezes and tap water that is something less than warm. We are probably in for one more stretch of having the windows closed, as it’s supposed to warm up again this week.

    You are giving me a whole new appreciation of autumn, and I love how you savor every bit…the sights, the smells, the feel of the soil, the tastes of the farm’s bounty, and the sounds of the geese (they’re on their way here, by the way.)

  3. We’re there. Give us a couple of weeks and we’ll have skipped ahead to winter but for now, we are there and I am loving it. I know that she’s going to grow up loving pumpkins and autumn and all things beautiful just the way her mama does.

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