My Kitchen – In All its Pumpkin and Leaves Glory

You asked for it. Well, some of you did. So here you go. This is my kitchen – my favorite room in our house. It’s big – just the way I like it. I love to cook and I cook a lot.

I also added a picture of my newest addition – my pumpkin piggy bank that I found at Target. My friend Gwen has one so of course I had to hunt one down and purchase a pumpkin pig for myself. 😀

Kitchen Shelf with Chef Fish or "Fishy" Standing Guard

Kitchen Shelf with Chef Fish or “Fishy” Standing Guard


My Kitchen

Another view of the kitchen

From another angle – the kitchen

More Kitchen

Pumpkin Pig

0 thoughts on “My Kitchen – In All its Pumpkin and Leaves Glory

    • Thanks, Brandee. That is what I aim for in our house. I want it to be the sort of place where people just relax and sink into the atmosphere. I hope that is how it truly is. Maybe that is why I love the Fall colors so much – they are warm and comforting – to me at least.

  1. !!!! This is even better than I dared to hope. Is any of it seasonal, or do you have it this way all year long??

    Totally envious of your island. My kitchen is big, but the person who designed it must have had a raging crack habit and everything’s in the most inconvenient spot.

    • Year round, Baby, year round! 😀 I love the island. There are only a couple things I WISH I had – 1. hanging rack for pots and pans – from ceiling 2. built in griddles (built into the counter) 3. built in butcher block. 🙂 But I’m happy with what I have. 🙂

  2. This is so glorious, Tracy. I love that you have it year-round – it’s always fall in your kitchen. I really hope to visit one day and have a fall pumpkin latte together!

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