I Love Pumpkins

Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about pumpkins. I live for Autumn because of the Fall colors, the changing leaves, the rustling cornstalks, the scent of woodsmoke in the air, frosty mornings, chilly evenings in front of the fire sipping pumpkin soy chai latte while reading a book…I could go on and on and of course, you know I usually do…

Truth is, my kitchen and parts of my house are decked out in Fall decor year round. (pictures to come soon)

It’s comforting to me – the colors. They make me happy. I come alive in the Autumn. Just how much do I love pumpkins, you ask? Well, my husband just bought me a pumpkin handbag from Etsy for our upcoming 10-year anniversary in November and also a pewter pumpkin necklace. πŸ™‚

So in honor of my extreme love of pumpkins, I present to you just a small smattering of my pumpkin pictures. Enjoy!

So bright! So Orange!

Pumpkin Family

Enjoying the Sun

Pumpkin Perfect

The Joy of Autumn

Ahh the Joy of Pumpkins!

A Pumpkin's View of the Sky

Happy Day!

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    • All but the last pic are from this year. The last one is from last year or the year before. I can’t remember! You should see the pictures I took of AnneShirley just before her first birthday – she is sitting in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins. She was so good and we shot pictures for about an hour I think. I had so much fun. I’ll email you a couple so you can see what I mean. I had dreamed of taking pictures of my little one in a pile of pumpkins. I know I know. I am a true dork. πŸ™‚

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