Savor the Now

We live too fast.
We eat too fast.
We measure our lives by how quickly we get things done.
We live in a world where speed is key.

The faster the better.

Or so we think.

We rush through our day, our week, our months and years and forget that in wishing away our life, we are losing a precious commodity that we can never get back – TIME.

Why are we in such a hurry? What is so important that we need to rush – need to be quick – need to be abrupt and neglect what is right in front of our eyes?

I certainly don’t know. It’s not like I have anywhere to be these days and yet, when cleaning the house, cooking or washing dishes it’s like I’m in a race against time.

WHY? What on earth for?

We waste so much time as it is, yes. But there’s beauty in slowing down and just being in the moment. Life is too short and that becomes abundantly clear the older we get.

My goal right now is to slow down and be present in the task I am doing in that moment and appreciate it to the fullest.

Savor the now. 🙂

Happy Friday!

0 thoughts on “Savor the Now

  1. That’s beautiful. Sometimes I feel like I set arbitrary deadlines on myself and then rush to them just to have an excuse to rush. I’m not sure what that’s about, but it’s what I do.

    Maybe I should just spend some time relaxing, too.

    • I grew up always being rushed. My dad was always big on getting stuff to him quickly – for instance, if he was working on something and I had to get him a wrench or whatever tool he needed, I had to be quick about it or deal with his wrath. Nothing was fast enough. Had to gobble down our food so we could get back out into the woods to cut more wood – never enough time in a day…ugh. Slowing down is good.

  2. I tried to start living more slowly a couple of years ago, Tracy, and I really needed the reminder now because I am slipping back into a speed chase of life. Thank you for this beautiful post…

    • It’s easy to slip back into the speed – isn’t it? I know it is. And it’s not always a bad thing. Makes us appreciate the quiet – the beauty of “slowness”.

  3. Oh it feels so good to come here and read this. It’s like being hit over the head in the best possible way as this is something I definitely need to adopt. I’m always rushing around and forgetting to take a moment and smell the roses; relax and rejuvenate.

    How I’ve missed you.

    • Now I have an image of smacking you over the head with a bouquet of colorful marshmallows. 🙂 I missed you too my dear. Glad you are back home where you can post regularly AGAIN!

  4. I am not a person who rushes by nature, so when circumstances try to force me into it, I rebel. I seriously believe that it has saved my sanity, and I hope it works for you. This is a good time of year to start taking up the time that’s allotted to you. The world itself is slowing down, right? It knows what it’s doing.

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