Autumn Night

*I wrote this poem last Fall but thought I would post it again.

Autumn Night

I am going to revel

in the deliciousness

of all that is Autumn

as I wrap myself in an

organic blanket of leaves

and luxuriate in the milky iridescence

of a harvest moon

as it caresses the land

with its downy glow.


~Tracy A. Mangold

0 thoughts on “Autumn Night

  1. I’m reveling in it again, thinking of the community that we’ve all fallen into and created and fostered since last fall, and smiling at that thought, and the thought of autumn and pumpkins and harvest moons and earthly blankets.

    • Morning, Roxanne! Have you had your Pumpkin Latte yet or even a Maple Latte? Do they have them over there? Thinking of you and so eternally grateful for you and our other dear friends we’ve made since last year as well. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I have been sitting here for a minute, feeling the calm and smelling the leaves that are already on the ground. I have a terrible neighbor whose very noisy air conditioner is going strong, even though it’s perfect open-window weather. And the moon. It’s like you can see it from there.

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