Pumpkins, Four-Leaf Clover and Grilling Out…

The Joy of Autumn

It’s been a whirlwind last several days. Today is actually the first day I’ve had to just stay home and do next to nothing and I fully intend to do as little as possible! Last week I had to drive forth and back up north to my mom’s four times as her plumbing in her house went kaput. It’s a 75 mile drive one-way so we were in the car quite a bit. Not that I mind really but it does make it hard to get a lot done.

The Grill

We went back up this weekend and grilled out at the farm on Sunday. We had brats, hamburgers, potato salad, squash, coleslaw, creamed cucumbers, mash potatoes and homemade cake – courtesy of Uncle Ted. Too much food to be sure, but delicious nonetheless! Mom and I picked cherry tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, watermelon and muskmelon. It was a little warmer out than I would have preferred but the cooler temps are on their way so I shan’t complain! 🙂 My little pumpkin and I went into the woods and I showed her how to tell the age of a tree, the different sorts of bark on trees and we identified certain plants and trees as well. She soaked it all in. I am so enjoying this time to be able to share these things with her. I can’t wait to do more. We need to start her nature journal and also do some leaf rubbings. I always enjoyed that growing up. 🙂


The pumpkins at the farm are just about ready to pick. It’s a little early to take them yet though. But they are gorgeous! I do so enjoy just looking at them and taking pictures of their loveliness. And take pictures of them I do! I tend to go a little overboard but it’s something I really enjoy. 🙂


The Pumpkin Patch

Oh I'm looking over, two four-leaf clover...

We also found two four-leaf clover in the yard. Not an unusual occurrence for me. My grandma found them quite regularly – even a five-leaf clover and I do believe she found a six-leaf once. I must have caught her ability because I tend to spot them every once in a while too. This weekend I found two in close proximity to one another!

While taking pictures, I found a little extra something right below the lower part of the house which is one of the reasons we don’t let my little pumpkin play outside in the evenings at the farm. It’s not an unusual thing to find at all and it is no cause for concern. They are just liking the berries up by the house as well as the fruit (plums, apples, pears) in the orchard. It’s just a matter of being aware and knowing. But yes, that is exactly what you think it is. 🙂 

Bear Scat

Now, we’re home again and today I aim to do as little as possible. I’m just beat. It’s good to just veg and try to quiet the mind. My mind has been whirling at crazy speeds for the last week or so and making it nearly impossible for me to write or even really think. This week, I plan to change all that and get back into a more quiet state of mind – or at the very least – a more relaxed state of mind!

Happy Monday! 😀

0 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Four-Leaf Clover and Grilling Out…

  1. I love, love, love these posts. What a wonderful experience for both of you! Spending time with your daughter is something that she will always treasure, and hopefully continue with her own children. The pictures are just gorgeous. It’s really wonderful to watch the progression of the seasons through your eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. So, I didn’t get to see a bear in Montana because they’d all headed out east to eat berries! I love that you use the word Muskmellon instead of Honeydew. So many people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that.

  3. Ha! Muskmelon is actually the other name for cantaloupe. Honeydew is the green melon like muskmelon but green inside. Muskmelon is light orange inside. I like muskmelon better than the word cantaloupe. Thanks Matt. Did you have a good time? There’ve always been quite a few bear around the farm. Love it.

    Brandee, thank you too. I need to get back to blog reading. I’m so behind after being gone all last week. I’ve missed you all! How was the visit with Stereo?

  4. Pumpkins! It’s pumpkin season! And when I read your tweet about the four-leaf clover, I did not quite capture its magic as well as I did when I looked at the two of them on your notebook pages. I hope your little one was enchanted by the forest and that you got the rest that you had been hoping for!

    • It is indeed! *insert huge smile. I love four-leaf clover. There is something magical about them. Which reminds me, I need to press them before I forget! As for rest – not really – still unwinding from last week. But I’m doing better. The temps are cooling way down which makes this girl uber thrilled. 🙂 Sixties and fifties the rest of the week. Yay!!!!!

  5. I love how many inserted smiles were placed into this blog. Your happiness is felt and shared. May it continue through these next few (hopefully) relaxing days.

    The pumpkins look incredible! I’ll insert my own smile here! 🙂

    My sister treated me to a coffee the other day, and with her recommendation and all of the pumpkin latte talk here on the internet, I thought I better try one. It was absolutely delicious in every way. I savoured every last sip.

  6. I have been thinking of you as pumpkin recipes show up everywhere I look. Tracy, I saw pumpkin fudge. Tell me that’s against the law of nature before go and buy the ingredients. I am truly tempted to make all the posts in my sidebar this week pumpkin-related.

    I hope that you got the rest you craved after this long weekend filled with family and fun. And, well. You know. I would never have known what that was if you hadn’t put the caption there!

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