August Flowers

I know you aren’t “supposed” to photograph down on flowers but I couldn’t help myself. I love to get right in there and peer into the heart of the flower. I love the detail, the vibrant color and how the sun is hitting it at this moment. I could take pictures of flowers (well, nature in general) all day long. This was taken a couple weeks ago up at the farm. Just more of the beautiful flowers my grandma planted so long ago.


0 thoughts on “August Flowers

  1. I absolutely do not care if “they” say we shouldn’t photograph flowers from above. Why deprive ourselves of such beauty? I love how that lily captures the sun…

    • I wonder why they say we shouldn’t anyway. I never understood that. I haven’t taken any photography courses yet, just read some books here and there but not the reason WHY. I agree with you, Roxanne!

      Thanks, Brandee! I was thinking of you when I posted this because you said you didn’t see many lilies like this.

  2. This shows you how little I know about photography. I didn’t know that rule, either. How else are you to show the best part of a flower like this one? I can see doing it for certain blooms, but not a deep one like this lily. Also, Heather has taken college level photo courses and I’d bet money that she has taken pictures like this one.

    And aside from the meta discussion about photo rules, I agree with everyone who says Who Cares? This picture is fabulous and I’m once again grateful to your grandmother for the work that she put in on her garden.

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