Through My Lens at the Farm

Aside from the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth, I also took pictures of the garden and some of the flowers that are now in bloom around the farm. It was a muggy but not terribly hot day. However, once we were down in the garden weeding and picking vegetables, the humidity could definitely be felt. Uncomfortably so.

From the Back of the Garden Looking Towards the House

We picked onions, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, kohlrabi, cucumbers, zucchini, swiss chard, cabbage and cauliflower. Well, actually I should say that the cherry tomatoes never made it out of the garden as we ate them as quickly as we picked them from the vine. They are just sooo good at that moment in time. Kissed by the sun, they are amazingly sweet and juicy.

Grandma's Tiger Lilies

The watermelon isn’t quite ready yet. But it’s getting there! As for the corn, oh how I love corn but it doesn’t love me. So I shall admire it from a distance and live vicariously through the rest of my family when they eat it. I am anxious for the squash this year so I can make squash soup for freezing.




Grandma’s Tiger Lilies are every bit as beautiful as ever. Like clockwork, the flowers she planted so long ago awaken each year providing us with a vibrant tapestry of color, reminding us of all the time and effort she put into her flower beds and how much she loved them.

Then there is the quiet grace of the butterfly as it lights upon a leaf. So delicate and ornate.

This is where I grew up and where I hope to grow old.

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  1. Envy, envy and more envy. Oh to summon the energy to put into action the vegetable patch I have been dreaming about for the past year. You take beautiful photos, my friend.

    • Thanks, Onyi! I can’t wait to take pictures of the squash and pumpkins. I love the garden in late August and September. 🙂

  2. This could be a snapshot out of my childhood photo album, too. My parents still plant a giant garden, and OH how I miss those cherry tomatoes. I even loved eating raw peas (like candy, they’re so sweet from the pod) and green beans.

    Your photos are lovely, as are your descriptions. As always!

  3. Aww Tracy… that sentence of where you grew up and where you hope to grow old cut straight through me. These are beautiful images, made even more poignant by the fact that this is your life: the garden you planted, the vegetables whose growth you are patiently awaiting. My father and I used to plant tomatoes in the garden when I was little and your photos transported me straight to that period again and to my rushing out to the balcony to see if any new ripe veggies were awaiting me and my basket to collect them…

  4. Every photo that you take is an inspiration to me to try harder with my own photographs. What beautiful pictures!

    Also, I don’t even like tomatoes, but they sound delicious when described by you. I want to pick them from the garden & eat them while they are still warm from the sun.

    The tiger lily is gorgeous! I’ve never seen them just growing on their own…only in a bouquet.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  5. What a perfect post to find today. I was talking to Kim about Fall anxiety — I love Autumn, but I’ve spotted a few trees changing color already and feel it is a bit too soon. These photos help me soak in all the yummy goodness of these last few weeks of summer.

    Also, I so hope to have a yard for a garden someday!!!

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