A Summer’s First Bounty

Fresh from the Garden

As I was saying in my blog post from the other day, we had a wonderful lunch at my uncles’ on Sunday. The garden is slowly giving forth some delightful vegetables and I am thoroughly excited about this part of Summer! I can even forgive this torturous heat (humidity) we are having. Almost.

The Garden

We had fresh lettuce salad, raw sliced kohlrabi, which if you haven’t tried, you really must! But only if they are fresh and tender. If they are too big or old they get rather tough and fibrous. We had small green onions, green peppers, cucumbers and zucchini.

My favorite is always the fresh cherry tomatoes right off the vine and warmed by kisses from the sun. The produce from the supermarket in no way compares to the delicious freshness of vegetables straight from the garden to your table.

Just to give you an idea of how big the garden is, this is a shot looking down a row of onions. Yes, it is as long as it looks! We need to get in and weed but the heat has made that a little difficult. Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit more and also send us some much needed rain. Not just a little drop here and there or a sun shower, but rather a good long gentle soaking rain. That is what we need.



I walked around and through the orchard. The pears, cherries, apples and plums are coming along nicely. The cherries here are ready to be picked. Last year, the fruit wasn’t that plentiful. We had a really hard freeze early in the growing season and the summer was too rainy and wet. So I’m hoping this year’s harvest will be different. 🙂



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  1. These pictures are just wonderful. I would like to stroll through the orchards and pick a fresh pear, or cherries. It sounds heavenly.

    I love the new layout, by the way. As always, I am so grateful for the inclusion of the Queen of the Squirrels picture!

    • I love the orchard in the fall (of course)! Ha! I can remember when the trees were much smaller (pre-fruit) days. It is quiet and peaceful in there.

      I keep tweaking the layout and the colors. I’m FINALLY getting it to the point where I really want it. The colors especially this time. I want a really warm, relaxing, comfortable feel to it when people visit. And these colors really hit that note I think. Your picture – the cherry on top. I need to print out the picture you drew and frame it and hang it on the wall for inspiration. I just so so love it.

  2. First, I love the little scrawly bits! I’m totally loving hand-drawn things of all kinds lately. It just feels so fresh and summery. (Don’t lose track of that fudgy brown one that you traded out; I really liked it too and I hope someday it shows up again.)

    Second: You know I popped open those cherries and apples to full screen. Heavenly! I’ve never seen kohlrabi in the young, tender version. Maybe this is why I’ve never been a fan? I’m going to have to see if I can track some down. This is exactly the way I love to eat at this time of year–and it’s one of the things that stays positive for me when it’s this hot out.

    • I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t. I only did the background on illustrator! Nothing fancy but as I told Brandee, I am finally getting the color scheme I really like. The brown is a little too dark for me although I did like it. I want to get to a point where I don’t change too much and this is what you see. But I like to do everything organically and I’m learning as I go. LOL!

      Kohlrabi is always best when it is small – about the size of a peach. You can eat them raw and they are sweet and tender. AnneShirley was chomping them down like you wouldn’t believe! You can also bake them (sliced thin) so they are like chips. Once they get too big, it’s hard to find tender ones. You want them fresh.

      I can’t wait till apples are ready so I can make applesauce in the pressure cooker and plums too. I feel bad that I haven’t helped much in the garden this year. I need to go up north more often when it isn’t so dang hot!

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