0 thoughts on “Some More and Improved Pictures of My Writing Space

  1. I’ve got such a huge smile right now looking at this and knowing this is your place where you write to us. (And GOD I’m sorry that card got crushed. I was at my wits’ end trying to find a box that wouldn’t do that but I was so worried that the jar would crack.

    Have you and your husband always shared workspaces? I’m curious about how that works. Myron and I both have separate areas and make occasional visits if we’re both at our computers.

    • Kim, don’t worry about the card! It’s the content within the card (written) that means the most! Jess and I have always shared workspaces. We pretty much do everything together since we first went out. We don’t really It is like a perpetual slumber party/play date with him. We have so much in common that we just thoroughly enjoy one another’s presence – even when we aren’t talking out loud – just knowing we are near each other is enough. We don’t go out very much unless it is the bookstore (which we love). We are homebodies. And we never get tired of each other. 🙂 So it works really well.

  2. I love that your desk is in front of a window. I think that is so important… a chance to see sky and the world while you work. As I’d said the other day, I am jealous. I long for my own creative space.

    • I do too. I need to be able to see outside and at least I have a leafy bush/tree to look at which helps. Maybe once we get everything in place I’ll be able to sit down and get to work. This week was all about moving stuff and it’s finally catching up with me. I’m really sore.

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