My Writing Space

My Writing Space

We are now moved into the guest bedroom which from this moment on is our office. I love, love, love the atmosphere in this room. There’s a calm in here that is absolutely scrumptious. I can actually hear myself think! Not that it is that silent but it has this wonderful peacefulness about it that allows me to just exhale and “be”.

Forgive the poor quality of the picture as my flash was not working last night on account of low batteries. I’ll post a better one later on but this is to give you an idea of the change. My husband’s desk is to my left. It is nice because we are upstairs now on the main floor and have better access to everything. We still have to move up his bookcase, the printers and a few other things.

The shot on the right is earlier in the day before I hung my diplomas and other things. The woodcarving is Raggedy Ann. My father carved it for my grandma (Mom’s mom) long ago and now it is mine. It is very heavy. I need to hang it but first I must get a sturdy nail for it. And of course you KNEW there had to be a pumpkin!

Earlier in the day before I hung my diplomas and bulletin board.

The wooden clogs are from my dear friend Annemarie – who is from the Netherlands. We spent an amazing semester together at the University of Montana and we are lifelong friends.

The postcards Kim (from over at The Deep Old Desk) sent me from her trip to Prince Edward Island and the Anne of Green Gable house are hanging on my bulletin board. There is also the jar of red sand and tiny seashells on my shelf that Kim collected from Prince Edward Island and sent to me. Such a treasure to me! More on this particular item later.

You cannot see it but my note from Kim is up by the lamp on the top shelf and behind my Chinese Health Balls that my friend Katrin (from Estonia) bought me when we were on spring break with Annemarie in San Francisco. It was my birthday in 1997 and we were in China Town. That was such a great time. We stayed at the Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel is located in Fort Mason.  And we saw everything you could hope to see on a very limited “poor college student’s budget”! San Francisco will always hold a very special place in my heart as the people, the city, the food, the sights – everything was wonderful.

There is also now a picture of my oldest friend Annie and me when we were around – gosh – I think two and three years of age – on the shelf although not in this shot. She gave it to me as a wedding present and I cried like a baby when I saw it. There’s my little mini-Brett Favre bobble head because he’s (in my book) the greatest quarterback to ever play the game (no comments please), my candle holder from my dear friend Diz that he gave me so long ago, a little birchbark canoe that holds my bookmarks, my tassels from my college graduation….
And yes, that is a picture of Wolf Girl by Kiki Smith hanging on the bulletin board. I LOVE this piece of art. It stimulates my mind. Her eyes catch me up and intrigue me. I just cannot help it. I love it.

I’m sorry for the information overload but I’m someone who likes to be surrounded by the things people I love and care about have given me over the years. It’s like a piece of them is always with me. If you were to ever visit our home, you would see that is what our decor consists of. It’s not fancy. It’s not all matchy-matchy. It is of things that matter to us. Things that give you a pretty clear picture of our personalities.

This is my writing space. I hope to do some great things here.

What is your writing space like? I’d love to see some posts from all of you regarding that! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Do you know how happy I am to see things I sent you in this room? Just imagine and then multiply by around twenty. You are truly one of my favorite people.
    I’m going to be painting and changing office rooms in August when Myron’s down in the US for a conference. When that’s all done, I promise you some good pictures. And I may take a few cues from this setup. It looks like a great workspace.

  2. I am jealous of your new space! We have a very small home, and until I lose a kid, I sacrifice my own space. I sometimes write in the tub, if you can believe it. That way, I am completely alone and the fan drowns out the rest of the noisy goings on.

    I love that you have surrounded yourself with so many treasures. I’ve done that on a small scale at work. If I’m going to be there for 8 hours, I might as well have things I love with me! I smiled as I read the descriptions of each item, and the meaning & memory associated with each one. That is what makes it YOUR space.

    Wonderful, my friend!

    • Yes, we had to give up a bedroom but we rarely have guests and unless we have another baby… we’ll have to figure something out then I guess! I totally know what you mean about the office. I did the same when I worked at the television station. I had pumpkins and pictures and flowers at my desk. Loved it!

  3. Love it. So warm and inviting; a real cocoon in which to write. Now I must go about making my space just that marvellous. I think I will return the privilege of seeing your space by snapping a photo of my writing locations and posting something similar 🙂

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