Happy Dad’s Day

A “father” is the man you are connected to through blood.

A “Dad” is the man who loves you, cares for you, protects, you, is there for you whether you are related by blood or not.

This love is unconditional.

It takes “blood” to be a father, but it takes love to be a Dad.

Happy Dad’s Day to my husband and the men out there who truly ARE DADS in every sense of the word.

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  1. My dad used to have this embroidered thing that hung on the wall of his office that read, “Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy.”

    I always looked at that and thought about how lucky I was to have that someone special, and hoped that when the time came I could live up to that legacy.

    I still do.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so awesome: “It takes “blood” to be a father, but it takes love to be a Dad.” So right on, especially in these days of the American family, which takes on so many beautiful shapes and forms!!

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