My Future in Print

Invent the Future by Cindy Gallop

A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My favorite quote of all time is Alan Kay: ‘In order to predict the future, you have to invent it.’ I am all about inventing the future. Decide what you want the future to be and make it happen. Because you can. Write about your future now.

(Author: Cindy Gallop)


I’m inventing my future by visualizing it.

I’m inventing my future by putting it out there.

This IS my future.

This IS what I will do.

It is not ALL that I will do.

It is just some of what I plan to do.

Watch me.

My Future Novel

My Future Book of Poetry

To be continued…

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