16kg of Awesomeness

No, that’s not a pic of my new 16kg kettlebell (35lb). That’s my 12kg(26lb). But I DID receive my 16kg last week finally and I am super pumped about it. I am really happy I did NOT order the one with the thinner handle as I have large hands and my new 16kg has a thicker handle than my 12kg and 8kg kettlebells. The 16kg fits my hands better than do the other two. Yes, it’s nine pounds heavier but to me, it doesn’t FEEL heavy. I hope that makes sense. It just feels good. It is giving me more of a challenge and forcing me to keep my form tight. I think when a kettlebell is or becomes “too light”, it can be easy for swings to become sloppy. Proper form is crucial.

I’m having a ton of fun alternating between my 8kg, 12kg and 16kg right now and I’m now looking forward to buying the 20kg(44lb) kettlebell – even though that is a few months out. I can still dream about it!

So far, I have been doing my Turkish Get Ups with my 8kg(18lb) kettlebell. Then, the other night, I did one Turkish Get Up with my 12kg for the first time – just the right arm. I surprised myself. Yes, it was just one get up but it was one I had not done before and I am happy to be progressing. My left side is still a bit weaker but I’ll correct that.

Anyway, I’ve had the opportunity to do several kettlebell workouts outside now and I have to say, I love it. It’s so invigorating and freeing! I look forward to getting out and doing more.

I’ve lost another couple pounds this last week, so I’m excited about that. I think the weight is coming off my legs first. They are leaning up and getting more defined, which I love. I guess the stomach area loses it last – or at least on me? Ugh!

Food-wise, I’ve had to eliminate dairy as it was giving me major stomach issues. It’s not easy but feeling good is always a better option. I’m still eating healthy but more of a blended Warrior Diet/Paleo Diet with a heavy dose of calorie restriction. And yes, I do have my cheat day every week. 🙂 I have to have that!

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  1. Very cool. I love seeing the incremental progress and how you can detect each level of improvement. I think it’s incredible that you are doing all this on your own and you have stayed true to your instructions to avoid injury. Good on you!

    And a big ME TOO re dairy. Why, cheese? Why you gotta do me like that?

  2. I have a question. I have had on-again, off-again stomach issues for a few years. I have a theory that dairy has something to do with it, but I have been tested and am not allergic. Are you lactose-intolerant officially? Or did you just realize that it triggered stomach issues?

    You are so badass with your kettlebells!

  3. Amanda, I’ve not been formally tested. I just started taking certain foods out of my diet that bothered me. For me and the way I eat, the cottage cheese (dairy) was the flashing light. I tried yogurt and got the same reaction. So for me, it was easy to figure out. I was getting super bloated and it took 3 hours for the pain/bloating to go down. It was NOT fun. I had to lay on the floor on my stomach. I cannot eat raw broccoli either. But I was eating cottage cheese (1 cup) every single day for lunch – with a cup of blueberries, so I might have built up an intolerance to it. I just know that I feel TONS better since giving it up. I cannot eat too much starch either – I get super stuffed up. Wheat also causes me to break out in rash if I eat too much or a heavy dose of it.

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