The Post-it Question: Worry

Post-it Question by Jenny Blake

That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him. Where is the master who could have taught Shakespeare? Where is the master who could have instructed Franklin, or Washington, or Bacon, or Newton? . . . Shakespeare will never be made by the study of Shakespeare. Do that which is assigned you, and you cannot hope too much or dare too much. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Identify one of your biggest challenges at the moment (ie I don’t feel passionate about my work) and turn it into a question (ie How can I do work I’m passionate about?) Write it on a post-it and put it up on your bathroom mirror or the back of your front door. After 48-hours, journal what answers came up for you and be sure to evaluate them.

Bonus: tweet or blog a photo of your post-it.

(Author: Jenny Blake)

Worry. I worry about everything and everyone. That’s one of the challenges I face right now – well always. The fact that I can’t make things better for those who are hurting, stressing, frustrated, etc… is unbearable to me. It weighs on me and I realize it isn’t that they put this on me. I just worry and feel the pain of those around me – intensely.

Lately, I’ve felt like I’m circling a black hole. I’m fighting it. I’m clutching at anything I can grab hold of to keep from falling in. I’ve been there before and I don’t want to go back. I put on a happy face but inside, this worry I carry is wearing me down. It’s no one’s fault. I just wish I could fix things for those who need it.

How can I put an end to this worry I feel? I guess the message I would tell myself is to stop worrying and to “let it go”. I always tell people to worry not about that which they cannot control. I need to follow my own advice. I need to just give it to God and let be what will be.

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  1. It’s like you wrote something in my head. This makes me crazy, control freak that I am. To know that people I love are in trouble, hurting, or otherwise facing difficulties weighs on me all of the time.

    Sure, it is easy for others to say, “Let it go ” or “It’s not your problem.”

    That doesn’t make a difference.

    I am finding, however, that using my writing, even if I don’t post it, helps. Somehow, uncorking that bottle with reverb10 has made a tremendous difference. There are so many of us out her that are willing to just listen. I’m sure you will get plenty of unsolicited advice; but, sometimes, real gems can be found there.

    I am hoping that you are able to pull back from that black hole before it sucks you in completely. I, for one, would find things much lonelier without you.

  2. I SO STRUGGLE with the same thing and my post it, which is hanging on my mirror to write about in a few days, touches on a very similar idea. You described that black hole perfectly. I’m virtually extending my hand to you to hang on. 🙂 Hang in there.

  3. I’m doing much better since my dream the other night. I feel at peace. And also, I’ve been reading the poetry of Mary Oliver at night and in the morning and it delights me so – thanks to Roxanne for turning me on to her. She’s magnificent.
    I’m okay and I’ll be okay. I’m so glad I have you all as friends. I pray pray pray someday we do all get to meet!

  4. I didn’t know this post was coming when I made the comment earlier about your worry. I think so much of it must come from parenting; I know most of my friends who are parents have so much more to worry about than I do and it just feels like the default state sometimes–almost as if, if you aren’t worried, you’ve forgotten just what it is you have to worry about.

    I’m wishing you some good, solid peace. A few good hours where things are going okay so that you can look around at life and say See? It’s okay. And really believe it.

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