Four Months of Kettlebell Nirvana

Kettlebell + Outdoors = Awesome

May 17th marked my fourth month working with the kettlebell. Four months that have changed my life and continue to do so each and every time I pick up that wonderful hunk of cast iron awesomeness.

This weekend we were up north at my mom’s and then went out to the farm to see my uncles on Sunday. It was a gorgeous windy, gusty, chilly but sunny brilliant day. I did my first outdoor kettlelbell workout and it was fantastic. The wind was whipping and it energized me as I did a 15 minute workout of swings, snatches and clean and presses. I felt stronger as the time went on, not fatigued. I loved every single minute of it and I cannot wait to do it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

My workouts are becoming more focused. I’m going longer periods of time without any rest periods and I’m seeing more muscle definition in my arms and my legs. Which is terrific! I hate missing a workout and try very hard NOT to. On days I don’t feel “up to it” I tell myself – just five minutes. Just swing for five minutes. Well that then turns into 10 and then 15 and then 20. You get the picture! It’s addicting! I wish you could feel this. Truly. It’s hard for me to not try to sneak in another workout later on even after I’ve showered and had supper. That’s how much fun it is. With just one kettlebell of the appropriate weight you can get an entire body workout in a short amount of time even with limited space to workout.

On the diet (food) front. I LOVE the Warrior Diet but I’m having issues with dairy lately. I’m cutting dairy out of my diet completely and looking at the Paleo Diet to see if that might be better for my system. Don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking the Warrior Diet but I need to see if a slight modification might help me. I might just mix the two up a bit. I definitely am trying to stay away from starches as best I can and eating wholesome good, natural foods, which is not really difficult for me. I say the more fresh vegetables the better!

Weight-wise, I’m down two pounds so that is good. We’ll see if cutting dairy does anything for me. I’ll keep you posted.

So there you have it. I cannot wait to workout outside again. I’m CHOMPING at the bit to get the 16kg kettlebell from Dragon Door. I’ll let you know when I do. Of course, you know I will. You’ll hear me screaming out with glee. LOL!

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  1. Hello Tracy, my name is Brenna. I just kind of stumbled across your blog and this particular post caught my eye. I think it’s great you have a passion for kettlebell workouts, I use them for some crossfit workouts!
    Sorry, i am already getting off subject; I saw that you were thinking about paleo? But currently doing warrior? I am actually not familiar with the warrior diet but i am with Paleo. I would definitely recommend it. Paleo can be challenging, but once you get staple meals/foods down that are easy to grab it becomes easier. It took me a lot of planning, but i like to play with recipes so it wasn’t too bad. There are also a ton of great websites for recipes or ideas.

    Let me know how it goes for you!

    • Hi Brenna! I appreciate your input! I like to cook as well and we already eat as organic/wholesome as possible so it shouldn’t be difficult. I bought the Paleo Diet cookbook and made turkey burgers last night. I need to cut dairy out as I’ve been having problems lately related to dairy consumption. I have been working out hard and eating right but weight is not coming off so I’m wondering if pushing it a step further and eliminating dairy and cutting back a bit on the fruits will help. I checked out your site and will be checking back! Thanks for reading my post and commenting! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Love the focus and the dedication, Tracy! I only wish I could keep at my own workouts for such an extended period of time. I bet you look amazing!

    • Hey Onyi. I’m trying. Weight isn’t coming off as quickly as I would like so in terms of physique, I am gaining muscle and a little definition but still have a ways to go. I love how I feel though. And the kettlebell is the FIRST time I have felt like this where I can’t stand NOT doing it every day. THanks for your encouragement, you know I always appreciate it and am grateful. HUGS!

  3. Um – Tracy? That thing looks HEAVY. And yes, I know you tell us the weight of the kettlebell of your choice, but I think I just grasped how challenging and awesome this is. The first photo with your arm in the air is so very powerful. I can smell the blades of grass too. Way to go finding a mode of exercise that you love and that suits you so well. It is truly inspiring (especially given that I just wrote about how the most exercise I’d gotten in the past six months involved wiggling my toes).

  4. Hey Roxanne, ummm…haven’t you been walking walking walking EVERY where? Hello! Exercise! You are so funny. The KB is heavy but it is the momentum of the movements used that help a lot. LOL. The grass does smell good. I just remarked to Jess today how good it smells outside. About time too! I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. You are such an inspiration! I went to that new intervals class again last night — we did the kettlebell drill where you sort of squat with it between your legs and then swing it straight up in the air. It was way more fun than the butterfly squats with the free weights!!

  6. Amazing. This: On days I donโ€™t feel โ€œup to itโ€ I tell myself โ€“ just five minutes. Just swing for five minutes. Well that then turns into 10 and then 15 and then 20. You get the picture! Itโ€™s addicting! I am so incredibly happy for you that you’ve found something that makes you want to do it over and over again. It’s the key, I think.

    When you mentioned the difficulties with dairy I winced because I too struggle with it. I can avoid it for a period, but the minute I re-introduce it, I’m almost guaranteed to feel somewhere on the not quite right horrible spectrum depending on the product. I won’t give up gelato forever, but the rare times I have it are worth the bleahs.

  7. Gotta know, Tracy, how you got interested in kettlebell (thank you for links)… and how you’ve self-taught yourself. Have to admit I’m a little scared of damaging my back without a real, live person here to watch me try it. Did you buy a book, watch videos, etc.? Which ones? I really am looking for something to add to my running routine, and this (as you know) is totally interesting to me, though I am still putting it off, as I don’t know if I should be reading up on it somehow, simply following the video links you sent, etc.? Help. I think this is really something I, too, could enjoy. Just not sure howt o begin on my own, I guess.

    You are an inspiration!

  8. Noel, Kim and Melissa – thanks. It sucks being from the dairy state and not being able to eat dairy. I’m hoping this isn’t forever! *sob

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