Despite being a tad stressed these days, I am happy I have my kettlebell workouts to keep me focused and energized. If I go a few days without a workout, I get cranky. Just ask my husband!

As I continue to learn and grow with the kettlebell (KB) I’m starting to put together more “planned” practice sessions and increasing the intensity. I feel like I am more in control rather than just grabbing the KB and swinging it around for “x” amount of time each day. I guess you could say I am becoming more focused.

I started working on my snatches which is where you  swing the kettlebell between your legs, and then snatch it overhead in one fluid movement to a straight-arm lockout. It’s hell on the hands, hence the need to “file” my calluses down each night with a pumice stone followed by some Corn Huskers lotion. I have a LOT of work to do where the snatch is concerned but I plan to do it incrementally. I personally would rather do my swings. 😛

My poor husband. He comes home from work each night and has to listen to me babble on and on about the awesomeness of the kettlebell. He’s so good about it and very encouraging.

On the Warrior Diet front, I’ve had to incorporate more protein into my meals. I’ve had to cut some other things out. Cashews and almonds hurt my stomach and cheese – ugh. Cheese does not like me. Hello! I’m a Wisconsin girl. Cheese runs like wine here in the good old Dairy State. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little bit but cheese IS a big thing. I love it. Or I should say I LOVED it. 🙁

I tried to buy a pressure cooker last weekend but had to return it right away when I read it can’t be used on a glass stove top. I’m thinking of getting an electronic one now. I’ve never used one and am excited about trying it out. That way I can prepare a bunch of food ahead of time – healthy food and freeze it. With all the cooking I do and have done you would think that would be a no-brainer but frankly, I have always been slightly intimidated by it. I have a tendency to blow things up – not on purpose at least. (long story and quite a comical one)

So while my focus is intensifying when it comes to the kettlebell, I’ve been a bit more scattered everywhere else. Funny how that works. Isn’t it? Everything happens for  a reason, I guess. That is how I have to look at it.

Oh, and if you are wondering what the picture of leaves has to do with my blog post – it is a focused picture of scattered leaves…which is sort of how I feel right now. Make sense? 😀

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am so impressed by your dedication. Healthy habits, healthy eating, etc., are not hard, but do require a sincere committment. I’m hoping that as soon as football season is over for the summer, we can get back to a routine of going to the gym and cooking at home more often. The last several months, we got out of the habit, due to illness, tough scheduling, family stress, etc. Can you tell I’ve found all sorts of excuses?

    I am glad that you have something to hold onto right now that makes you feel good. I know that with the stress you guys are under, and again…I admire you for sticking with a program that makes you feel good and is so good for all of you!

    I’m always glad to see a post from you, as I feel like it’s a visit to your home.


  2. Glad you’re finding your KB focus, Tracy. And, strange … my mom just told me that glass stovetops can’t do pressure canning. I did NOT know that… I’ve always had coil stovetops and was thinking of getting the glass, but this is a big detriment since I wanted to do canning. I currently only can jelly, but want my mom to teach me all the tricks she learned when she was young. They canned EVERYTHING: veggies, meat, fruit…

  3. Thanks, Brandee and Melissa. I was bummed about the pressure cooker but I hear the electric ones are safer…so we’ll see.
    I freeze. Every year I make my own tomato sauce (about 100 quarts worth) and stuffed peppers(about 100). My uncles have a huge garden – close to an acre so I have a lot to work with. I use those vacuum sealers and then freeze. I also have a dehydrator and dehydrate the hot peppers then grind them up into powder. I want learn canning but with my history of “blowing things up” LOL…like pop – exploding soda…I’m a little fearful. LOL!

  4. Your KB posts are so inspiring. In addition to the practical information, the determination you model every time is an amazing window into who you are.

    Also: glass stove tops. I have one. I’ve wanted one since at least 1996 when I saw my first one in person. And now I detest it. I will never voluntarily live without a gas stove again.

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