At the Corner of Loveliness

*This picture and poem is a repost from March 2010. But given the fact we are supposed to be getting more snow this week, I needed something to remind me what Spring is like.

At the Corner of Loveliness

At the corner of loveliness, beyond the old wood fence,
Stand silent the trees waiting for Spring to commence.
Huddled together branches intertwine,
Orchard trees slowly come back to life.
Warmed by the sun, teased out of their sleep,
Sap starts to flow – lifeblood of trees.
Delicate buds – embryonic, minute,
Will unfurl into blossoms, leaves and then fruit.
So quiet the grove, so gentle the breeze,
The orchard, a heaven for birds and the bees.
A canopy of leaves, soft shafts of sun filter through,
Kissing the grass still moist from the dew.
Come late Summer into Autumn the fruit, ripe, ready to eat,
Apples, cherries, pears, plums, sour, juicy and sweet.
And then as the last days of Autumn do wane,
The last vestige of leaves, cling to trees’ naked frame.
To slumber once more for a long Winter’s rest,
At the corner of loveliness, beyond the old wood fence.

© 2010 Tracy A. Mangold

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  1. I remember that from last year. Just as beautiful now! It is snowing here as we speak (though thankfully it doesn’t look like it will stay on the ground) so this is just what I needed to see! 😀

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