Kettlebell Update – Month Three

Exactly three months ago today, I picked up the kettlebell for the first time and fell in love with it. I am so happy that I bought those crappy first kettlebells even though I don’t use them anymore. Without them though, I might never have even tried the kettlebell.

My progress – for me personally – has been good. It’s been slow but steady. I feel better than I ever have and I credit that to the kettlebell and the Warrior Diet. This weekend I had some really good workouts with the 30lb KB. My reps doing the press have gone up and my turkish get-up (with the 18lb) is getting better all the time. My left side is getting stronger. I feel great.

I am really bouncing off the ceiling right now because on Saturday, I ordered two 12kg (26lb) kettlebells from Dragon Door. I can’t wait to get them so I can start integrating double kettlebells in to my workouts.  My next KB will be the 16kg (35lb) in a few months and then I will have a nice set to work with. I have a feeling the poor UPS guy won’t be quite as excited.

I just found out about a cool kettlebell challenge called the “21 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge”.  It was created by Josh Hillis, who is a level two RKC kettlebell instructor. For information on the challenge, just click here. I plan on starting it tomorrow and I shall keep you posted as I do this challenge.

It’s always important to remember there is no magic bullet or simple way to lose weight and/or get healthy and fit. It takes time. It takes hard work. It takes dedication and it takes patience. Results are different for each person. It also takes looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you are worth it and that feeling great is the best feeling of all.

Let me know if you decide to to the 21 Day Kettlebell Challenge!

Have a great week everyone! Here’s to some warmer weather and plenty of sunshiny days ahead!

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