I took this picture last weekend up at my uncles’ because I love taking shots from different perspectives – different angles. Everything has a unique look depending on how you look at it. I see something as weathered as this old post – part of the fence going into the orchard – and I find it beautiful.

I came back home from our weekend up north feeling quite refreshed and invigorated, which as a writer is very important. The snow is gone and Spring seems to finally be finding her footing at long last. The last few weeks have been stressful but hopefully that too will pass.

I haven’t been able to workout this week. My body is not playing nice with me so I’m listening to it and resting it for now. I’ve had to adjust my eating a little to compensate for the lack of workouts. It’s frustrating. I’ve been anything but consistent the last few weeks (last week was a great one for workouts) but in the bigger picture, my workouts haven’t had the intensity they should. But there’s always tomorrow. There’s always another day.

Writing-wise, I’m plugging away slowly but surely.  It just seems there is never enough time in a day before I have to go to sleep and then wake up and do it all over again. And sometimes I feel like I never get enough sleep to get me through the day.

But that’s life, isn’t it?

It’s how you look at it and what you take from it.

I choose to see the beauty in it whether I accomplish all the things I plan or not.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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  1. You couldn’t be more right about perspective, Tracy. Sometimes, you need to look at something in a completely different light to really appreciate it for what it is. I definitely need to do more of this in my daily life.

    Don’t worry about the not working out thing – I haven’t set foot in my gym in two weeks and although I feel rather bloated and uncomfortable for it, I knew I had to take a break because my body needed it. Be kind to yourself ♥

    Love you, friend.

  2. It’s true. I need to remind myself of that. 🙂 I did workout for 15 minutes last night with the kettlebell and managed to smack myself in the collarbone with the 18 lb kb. Ugh. It’s a little sore. It was my bad. My hands were slippery and I was trying a new move. Good thing it wasn’t my head. LOL! Thanks always for your comments and encouragement. Always appreciated my dear friend. Love you too.

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