Kettlebell Update – April

So yes, I know I haven’t posted an update in quite a while. I was sick – as was the rest of my family for the last several weeks. This week was my first week back doing regular workouts. It was a rough week in that we weren’t getting much sleep – four hours a night. Mostly I think it was/is due to stress. My husband just started a new job and we’re all trying to adjust.

In terms of weight-loss I have not weighed myself. I really should this morning.  My measurements are pretty much the same as last time. But in review, since I started doing kettlebells and following the Warrior Diet in January, I have lost eight pounds and:

3 inches on my chest
3 inches on my bust
3 inches on my hips
6 inches on my waist

I’m happy. It’s been three months since I started this. I’m not trying to do this quickly. I feel that I am doing this in a healthy and safe manner. The biggest thing to me is that I am being consistent (with the exception of being too sick to work out lately). I am still really enjoying the kettlebell and the difference I see when I look in the mirror and how my clothes are fitting now is rewarding.

We do go off the Warrior Diet once in a while. Not often. But enough where we can really tell the difference between how great we feel ON the Warrior Diet and how crappy we feel OFF the Warrior Diet. We don’t do it for long – one day tops when we want to just do something different for a change. I have no desire to stop doing the Warrior Diet. It is working for us and we enjoy it.

I mentioned this last week – that in my last Kettlebell Update, I had plateaued. I am finally breaking through that. I think the time away did help maybe a bit and also changing up our eating once in a while maybe shifts something too, I’m not sure. I do know that I am stronger with each week that passes. I have been doing treadmill in addition to ketttlebell. I usually will do 20 minutes KB followed by 20 minutes treadmill. Not every workout but about every other one.  My soreness these days is more in my triceps, forearms and shoulders – which is also where I’m starting to see a lot of results. I’ve never liked my arms – especially upper arms so I’m quite thrilled that they are starting to tone up. 🙂

I am mainly using the 30 pound kettlebell right now. I hate this one. I really need to get another Dragon Door kettlebell as this one is NOT a Dragon Door.  It is too slippery and it is already chipping. I have NOT dropped it or bumped it with anything so why it is chipping, I have NO clue other than it is a piece of crap. (my opinion).  My 8kg (18lb) kettlebell is awesome. It is a Dragon Door and I love it. It’s just too light for my swings.

Again, I think the thing I am most proud of so far is that it is April and I’m still working out, still doing the KB and following the Warrior Diet and STILL motivated. In the past, I would get bored and slack off. That’s not happening here. I find myself chomping at the bit more often than not, to get downstairs and swing that kettlebell!

I WILL start gaging my measurements and (perhaps) my weight more in the coming weeks again.  I think now that the weather is warming up we’ll be able to get outside and do more in terms of physical activity – gardening, running around, walking, yard work, playing, etc… I am excited for that!

My goal right now is to maintain consistency. Just keep doing what I’m doing, start upping my work out intensity some more and be better about my water intake as I’ve been sort of bad in that area again. Too much coffee which I REALLY need to cut back on. More tea. Less coffee. More water.

So there you go. Hope it wasn’t too boring, but it is an update after all.  This weekend the weather is FINALLY supposed to be SPRINGY and nice so I am hoping to get out and walk a lot outside.

Have a terrific weekend! 🙂



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  1. This is good to read. Do you think that part of your success has to do with the fact that you never seem to have bitten off more than you can chew? As you’ve written about your methods they seem very sane, not overdoing anything, just a moderate amount of work and lots of built-in rest. And then there’s the great fortune of finding a workout that you still really enjoy after all this time, something that doesn’t bore you. It’s so good to read about your progress and here’s to busting through that plateau. Congrats to you!

    • Hey Kim,
      Thank you! I think for the first time yes, I am doing things more wisely and methodically. I’m not freaking out so much like I used to over the lack of instant change. I have my naughty days but I don’t get as mad at myself for them. I accept them for what they are and focus on the fact that they magnify how good I feel when I am NOT naughty. LOL!

  2. Congrats!! Those stats are AWESOME! I am starting to mix in some new stuff to my work out routine; you’re inspiring me to stick with it! 🙂

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