Flashlight Reading

Remember when you were a kid and there was never enough time in the day to just read? Between school, homework, chores, eating and sleeping you couldn’t wait to dive headfirst back into your book and lose yourself in the old wardrobe, explore haunted coves, fall down the rabbit hole or tour Middle-earth.

But then bedtime would arrive.  Soon it was time for lights out. You waited for your parents to go back to watching television before you grabbed your flashlight from under your pillow along with your book and continued reading.

I remember long road trips to family functions where I would read, squinting my eyes at the fading words until they were blotted out by the absence of sunlight. Then I would resort to my trusty old flashlight to allow me to read on under the cover of my jacket that I dragged over my head so as not to disturb my parents with the light coming from the flashlight.

Such simple, sweet joys.

Reading is still like that for me. Although I do not need my old flashlight to read anymore. We now have such things as Kindles with lights or iPads that allow you to read without light and yes booklights you can attach to an honest-to-goodness REAL book.

But I still say there’s something special about hiding under the blankets in bed or a jacket in the back of the car with flashlight in hand.  All the while hoping and praying your parents won’t put the skids on the reading for the night for fear you’ll “ruin your eyes”.  Not that I have to worry about such things nowadays, mind you! Still it is fun to reflect and remember those times.

May we all feel such exhilaration about reading – always and forever.



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  1. What a timely post. I just read by flashlight last night! Our baby still sleeps in our room, but I desperately wanted to read, so I got out the little ol’ flashlight and yes, it DID remind me of those stolen bedtime moments as a kid! 🙂

  2. So funny! Loved your video of surprising your mom! Looks like you had a great time. 🙂 Nothing like reading by flashlight or firelight, for that matter – or lantern light – as I did up in the Bob for all those years! LOVE YOU!

    • LOL. Yes. Back to Pilcrow. I wanted something springy. I get bored easily. How are you doing? Thanks, btw. 🙂

  3. I will never understand how some people (ah hem… dear husband) don’t find the joy in reading. I’ve been trying all day to get some client work done so I can get back to that book I don’t want to put down!

  4. Yes! I used to love getting in trouble and being “sent to my room” …. I would just read the whole time. Not really a punishment. 😉

  5. Oh, this was me as a kid! I was always reading, and like Noel, really didn’t find it too much of a punishment to be sent to my room. That’s where my books were! That’s probably why I reverted back to English for a major in college. I could read to my heart’s content & get credit for it. These days, I can usually be found with my nose in my nook, light attached so that I don’t wake my husband! I still don’t get how I can be such a bookworm, and have a husband & two kids that are not readers at all! It’s nice to find kindred spirits here.

    I loved this, Tracy!

  6. I never had to resort to a flashlight, probably because I’d have lost it in the blankets and I’d have gotten in trouble. But I did have an old desk lamp, the kind with a hinged metal arm so that you could aim the light where you wanted. I used to angle it so that it lit up the pages of my book–it had a tiny little light bulb, not much bigger than the ones in a night light, so it was just barely enough light for reading. If I ruined my eyes back then, well–they aren’t that bad. And glasses are fun these days anyway.

  7. I agree with Brandeewine above – I was a flashlight reading child too! My father would tuck me in, I would wait for him to go away, and then started sneaking around to find my books and lights. Funnily enough, the habit traveled with me to Uganda. We had little to no electricity at night, so my trusty head lamp helped me revive flashlight reading!

    What a lovely, nostalgic and impressively relevant post!

  8. Thank you everyone! Reading is just plain magical. I cannot imagine not reading. Oh Roxanne, a headlamp would be really handy for keeping the hands free!
    Kim – yes glasses are really fun these days. I finally have a pair I truly like. The ones I’m wearing now are very different from my norm and I LOVE them.
    I also remember ordering tons of books through the Weekly Reader at school and being SO excited to get them.

    Brandee and Melissa – my husband is every bit as bad as me. And our daughter is following in our footsteps. She goes crazy when we go to the bookstore. And our favorite gifts are book certificates that our family gives each of us each Christmas and birthday. They are like gold.

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